Apple, Samsung reportedly in talks to end patent feud


Apple and Samsung may finally be ready to put their patent dispute to bed, according to a new report from The Korea Times. As the 2014 start date of a new intellectual property trial between the two parties nears, sources from within Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission say the sides are in the early stages of discussions to settle out of court.

The reality is that reaching a settlement might be easier said than done. In the past, both sides have refused to work together to reach a resolution. Now, an inability to agree on patent royalties could see Samsung and Apple back in court next year. The two would like to avoid that if possible, and Samsung boss JK Shin has plans to visit with Apple execs in the US to discuss the matter in person during the new year.

With allegations of patent infringement on the part of Samsung in products including several members of the popular Galaxy line, the issue has spilled over into courtrooms across the globe. Apple has, for the most part, come out on the winning end, including a huge decision in the US during 2012, which awarded the iPhone maker $1 billion in damages.

[via Korea Times]

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