Rash of FitBit force complaints leads to refunds, replacements


The concept of the FitBit force is set-it-and-forget-it. Slap it on your wrist to wear at all times, silently tracking your daily activity and sleep patterns. It’s hard to simply let the Force disappear into the background of your life when wearing it leads to skin irritation accompanied by a rash, which is exactly what has happened to several users.

A series of complaints making headlines globally says FitBit Force users in multiple independent incidents are reporting the formation of a skin rash around the area where the device is worn (we’ll spare the slightly gross photos here, but they can be seen at the source link below). For some, the irritation did not begin for several weeks. Others experienced issues relatively quickly.

It is unclear what aspect of the Force is responsible for the dermatological problems associated with it, whether it be the materials used or simply the way in which the device is worn, but FitBit has taken action to remedy the situation as best they can. This includes issuing refunds to affected users and offering to replace the Force with another member of the FitBit lineup (as well as refunding the difference in cost).

FitBit has not announced plans to rework the design or materials of the Force at this time.

[via Consumerist]

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