Google Play Movies & TV App for iPhone and iPad is now on the iTunes App Store! Play all your favorite flicks and television shows, even streaming them directly to your TV with Chromecast!
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Google Play Movies & TV App lands on iTunes

Movies & TV App for iTunesApple has a long history of keeping Google-backed apps out of the iTunes App Store, but today, pigs are flying and you might want to feel the ground to see if it’s frozen: Google Play Movies & TV App is now available for download on iTunes.

There may be a significant, spirited competitive grudge the two companies have for each other but you can now find a plethora of Google Apps on iTunes including Google Maps with Turn by Turn directions which competes directly with Apple’s own Maps solution. Google Play Movies & TV App will also compete with iTunes and Apple’s goal of selling multimedia content directly to consumers through the iTunes Store, but it will undoubtedly improve the iPhone and iPad experience.

Google Play for iPhone

Perhaps most exciting, as witnessed in the iPhone screenshots (above) and the iPad screenshots (below), is Chromecast support. That’s right, stream content from your iPhone or iPad and beam it directly to your TV with Chromecast!

Google Play for iPad

Go ahead: download the app, give it a spin, and let us know how you like it!

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