Verizon reduces Edge upgrade time to 30 days


Remember when Verizon introduced their Edge early upgrade program and told users they would only have to wait six months to get a new phone? That window has been reduced to 30 days, though the upgrade becomes a bit of a costly endeavor.

The original terms of Edge — when it was announce six months ago — stated that in order to take advantage of an early upgrade, a user would need to have paid off half of the device’s total cost via the program’s associated installment plan. Then a device could be traded in toward a new phone.

Now that the first cycle of six-month upgrades has commenced, Verizon has decided a better plan is to allow users to upgrade after only 30 days. The catch? Those users are still expected to have paid down half the amount owed for their phone. Buying a new phone within 30 days of the last quickly becomes an expensive proposition.

Verizon, really, has little to lose in the matter. If any subscribers should feel the urge to upgrade after 30 days, the carrier still gets its money plus.

Edge was announced in response to T-Mobile’s JUMP early upgrade program. Unlike AT&T and Sprint, however, Verizon has been far less aggressive in combating the moves of T-Mobile’s Uncarrier rollout. T-Mobile, for its part, has been more focused on taking on AT&T and, to a less degree, Sprint. For the moment, at least, Verizon has little to worry about.

[via Verizon]

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