Judge rules against one Samsung patent claim, throws another out ahead of trial


The next big showdown between Apple and Samsung hasn’t even started, but a few minor victories have already tossed in the direction of Cupertino. In pretrial motions, Judge Lucy Koh ruled against Samsung in one instance and threw out another patent claim altogether.

Samsung had attempted to make an argument that Apple’s autocorrect patent did not apply to software keyboards and therefore there was no grounds to rule infringement in the case of the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, and other phones. That plan backfired when Judge Koh instead decided to award summary judgement in favor of Apple. If Samsung wants to get out of this one, they will have to instead prove that the entire autocorrect patent is invalid.

While on the topic of invalid patents, Judge Koh declared a Samsung patent pertaining to media syncing between devices was invalid. Koh found that the patent did little to add anything novel or original to the process based on previous works. At least not enough to warrant a patent.

Apple and Samsung will meet next month in an attempt to work out their differences and settle their dispute outside of court. If the suit does go to trial, Apple already has a leg up on Samsung thanks to these early decisions.

[via Foss Patents]

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