Report: iPhone 6 to come in 4.5 & 5-inch variations, Apple rethinking iPhone 5c approach


A new report fromĀ The Wall Street JournalĀ is heaping on to speculation that Apple will again launch two new iPhones in 2014, each featuring a larger screen than any previous model. According to their sources, Apple is currently moving ahead with plans to release 4.5-inch and 5-inch iPhone models this year.

At the same time, while Apple is expected to launch two phones the company seems to be rethinking the strategy they introduced in 2013. The iPhone 5c has generally been seen as a disappointment, though Apple has not commented much on the matter. The report claims Apple will abandon the plastic construction of the 5c and utilize an aluminum build for both new iPhones.

It is unclear if one will be the clear-cut iPhone 6 with the other a low cost model, but it seems that Apple will abandon the idea of pricing tiers to an extent. Expect Apple to take an approach more similar to the way the company differentiates the iPad/iPar Air and iPad mini. That is, one device is indeed cheaper but in no way marketed as a budget option.

Rumors of multiple iPhones launching in larger sizes than previous models have been swirling since before Apple even unveiled the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c last year. Most recently screen sizes of 4.8, 5.5, and 5.8 inches were being discussed.

[via WSJ]

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  • Lex Lybrand

    The 5C isn’t being marketed as a budget item.

    • New_Guy777

      You, sir, are correct. It was marketed as a…well, no one is really sure what it was marketed as. With previous gen specs and a flagship price, let’s just say it was marketed as a gouging device.

  • DinS

    Samsung or Google should have claimed a patent on Phone – screens bigger than 4 inches…