Rap Genius launches iOS app with music ID features


Rap Genius not only wants to help you identify the meaning behind the lyrics of your favorite music, it now wants to help you identify the music itself. The popular lyrics site introduced their first iOS app Genius today with a selection of features that go beyond a simple depository of song and verse.

For starters, Genius will scour your iTunes library for tracks with lyrics hosted by their service and offer a list for your perusal. Lyrics are presented with the option to playback a track alongside them. The real kicker, though, is a Shazam-like music identification function. Once identifying the music playing in the vicinity, it will offer up annotated lyrics.

Functionally, Genius by Rap Genius is a nice first step but it is hardly as powerful as the competition. Its real strength is a library of lyrics that the app serves to users in intriguing new ways. It’s logical next step for the site and should only get better in future releases.

[via iTunes]

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