SwiftKey comes to iOS as part of new Evernote-compatible app


After SwiftKey Note leaked last week, we dreamed what using the intelligent predictive keyboard might be like on iOS. We didn’t have to wait long to find our. SwiftKey has announced their note-taking app today, the first to independently integrate the third-party input method.

As we wondered aloud in our previous post, SwiftKey is not looking to go head-to-head with the big boys of productivity. Instead, it is providing its app as a tool that should link seamlessly into existing Evernote accounts. Think of it as a third-party input method for Evernote that will sync with the service on its various platforms, except it uses one of the better third-party keyboard options on the market.

The keyboard itself isn’t as advanced as Android’s Flow version. It mostly resembled the standard iOS keyboard with the addition of a row of predictive text and corrections. Swiping to the left brings up formatting options, but there is little in the way of customization as is the case with its Android equivalent. We also don’t swipe-to-type input.

Still, it is SwiftKey, and the predictive text engine is as strong as ever. It only gets stronger with more use, learning from user input. Hopefully more apps taking advantage of third-party keyboards will nudge Apple toward opening up iOS to allow the feature as a default. Tim Cook has made mention in the past, but so far little in the way of a more open system as developed.

[via SwiftKey]

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