Will the iPhone 6 feature a bezel-less display?


Ah, the bezel-less display. For some it’s the holy grail of smartphone chic. All killer, no filler. It’s the one technology that allows a device’s display size to grow while keeping the overall footprint down. Now doesn’t that sound like a feature that’s right up Apple’s alley?

The Korea Herald suggests Apple is actively developing a bezel-less version of what could become the iPhone 6 (as seen in the concept above). It’s important to note that this info comes from a report mostly focused on the Galaxy S5 that states the upcoming Android flagship will utilize an edge-to-edge display as well as a fingerprint scanner. The iPhone is only briefly mentioned with allusions to similar technology.

Of course, the iPhone 5s already contains a fingerprint scanner. The next generation, however, could up the ante significantly, deploying a display that could act as a fingerprint sensor across its entire edge-to-edge surface. That right there is Touch ID on steroids.

As for the display? One need only look at the shrinking bezels of the iPad Air to get a hint at where Apple would like to go with border surrounding the iPhone’s screen. The issue here is that the bezels actually serve the important purpose of providing space to route the connections and wiring necessary to power capacitive touchscreens. The solution is slightly more complicated than simply shaving off a few millimeters here and there.

The iPhone 6 has been rumored to increase the display size from previous iPhone models, potentially making the biggest leap yet to as much as 5.5-inches. Sources also indicate Apple has been developing a 4.7-inch iPhone model, as well.

The display looks to be a big focus beyond simply its size, as well, with indications that Apple could move toward a sapphire crystal composition to provide extreme durability and scratch resistance. There has been some buzz about the potential of Apple embedding solar charging capabilities in the display as well, though that technology still seems a bit down the road.

Various reports have indicated that we could see a new iPhone announced as early as the first half of the year. More likely, however, Apple will stick with a late summer/early fall launch timeframe for the new device(s).

[via MacRumors]

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