In the face of increasing pricing pressures from competitors, MOGA’s Ace Power gaming controller for iPhone just got a little more affordable. The iPhone peripheral can now be purchased for $79.99, but could it soon be cheaper?
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MOGA Ace Power gaming controller for iPhone sees price drop to $80


MOGA’s Ace Power gaming controller for iPhone just got a little more affordable as its price has been reduced to $79.99. The iOS 7-compatible controller debuted in November of last year for $100 as one of the first peripherals to take advantage of new APIs introduced in Apple’s latest platform update.

The price cut is no doubt influenced by the moves of MOGA’s competitors. As part of a small pricing war, last month Logitech slashed the price of their PowerShell controller from $100 to $70. Both controllers offer a similar feature set, including the ability to simultaneously charge an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or iPod touch (5th gen) while you play.

The Ace Power sports a slightly more robust controller configuration compared to Logitech’s offering, combining dual analog sticks with a D-pad and a number of other standard gaming buttons. The extra controls probably have something to do with the slightly higher price of the controller even after the price break.

Price cuts across manufacturers also suggest that the newly introduced gaming controller category isn’t performing as well as Apple and its accessory partners had hoped. All things considered, $100 for a gaming peripheral for the iPhone seems a bit steep when a full-fledged Nintendo 2DS costs only $30 more. The controllers could also stand to see additions such as Bluetooth connectivity.

If you have been holding out for the MOGA Ace Power due to its pricing, here’s your chance to grab it at a discount. We suspect, however, that another month or so could bring us another price drop if the popularity of these devices doesn’t pick up.

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  • josh nolan

    I like the one that does not attach to the phone like this since most phones are in cases a hassle to take on and off … And if it’s lifeproof it will ruin your case…. Best to get Apple TV and a controller that does not attach to phone and you are in business

    • Agreed. I think this is a reason why the prices must come down on these types of controllers. It’s a lot of money for a limited, niche product.