Apple to likely call on Sony for future iPhone front-facing camera components


PSSST. Here’s a secret: Apple’s iPhone is made up of parts sourced from several competitors in the smartphone market. Inside that sleekly stylized phone in your pocket are parts from Samsung, LG and Sony. As to the latter, there could be even more Sony in the handset’s DNA.

The Japanese tech giant already supplies components used in the rear camera of the iPhone. The partnership started with the iPhone 4s and will continue well into the future according to terms of a deal reportedly being worked on by the two parties. Beginning in 2015, though, the order would increase to include components for the iPhone’s front-facing camera as well.

Currently the iPhone 5s’ front-facing camera sits at 1.2MP and comes as a minor upgrade over the sensor introduced with the iPhone 5. That camera was a significant upgrade to the 0.3MP front-facing camera that was first introduced with the iPhone 4. Still, optical advancements for the iPhone’s secondary camera are nowhere near what is featured in Sony-supplied rear shooter.

Chances are new Sony optics will improve the quality of FaceTime video calls and selfies greatly, but it sounds like we’ll be waiting at least one more generation. Here’s hoping Apple still offers enhancements for the iPhone 6, regardless of the parts supplier.

[via Nikkei]

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