Clear free for 24 hours as RealMac unifies iPhone and iPad to-do list apps


Last year, RealMac released an update to their popular Clear to-do list app for iPhone. The iOS 7-tailored version incorporated iPad support and enough changes for the company to launch the new app as a separate, paid upgrade called Clear+. Several months later the company is backpedaling after their new app created customer confusion and triggered negative feedback.

Clear users who did not want to pay for an upgrade to Clear+ are being treated to a free update that brings iPad support to the non-plus version of the app. At the same time, Clear+ is being phased out. RealMac will offer one app under the Clear name and one app only, and all existing users of Clear or Clear+ will be united under the same update tree.

The benefit extends to those who have never even downloaded Clear. In order to provide current users the option to upgrade, the app is free for all as of today. After 24 hours it will return to its original price, but RealMac promises a second 24-hour free upgrade window will occur shortly.

Kudos to RealMac for making the right decision here. Swallowing 48 hours of combined potential income sends a strong message to users that may have been put off by the original decision to charge for an upgraded version of the app. If you are a current Clear or Clear+ user, be sure to take advantage of the free download period. New users should do the same.

[via RealMac]

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