Samsung takes on iPad pencil ad in latest volley against Apple

Samsung hasn’t been shy when it comes to touting the supposed advantages of their products over Apple’s. A new set of ads continues to tradition. You know what they say: if you can’t beat ‘em, tear ‘em down with your inflated marketing budget.

Samsung issued two new spots focused separately on their Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. The ad’s co-starts just so happen to be the iPhone 5s and iPad Air. The Note 3 commercial focuses on the handset’s large display and included S-pen. There is plenty of LeBron James, as well. The Tab Pro’s feature mocks Apple’s positively received iPad Air pencil advertisement, which compared the device’s slim profile to that of a pencil. The Tab Pro presents itself as even thinner than that.

The spots pull no punches and change no names. There are no subtle suggestions here. Samsung’s competitors are named. The attacks are direct.

The validity of Samsung’s points are up for debate. They aren’t fudging the truth in saying the iPhone’s display is not truly HD. You can’t argue the millimeters when talking the dimensions of the iPad.

Are their claims representative of the desire of consumers, however? Device display size is largely up to personal preference, and Apple could soon offer users more options. Rumors say the company is investigating larger displays on future iPhones, and the iPad Air’s design shows that Apple is not simply sitting back and doing nothing as competing tablets continue to get slimmer and lighter.

As the mobile market has matured, so has the taste of consumers. As an originator in the field, Apple has arguably lagged behind in terms of adapting to new trends such as larger, HD displays, opting to stick to the formula that first brought them success with the iPhone. Samsung’s commercials may hold a certain layer of truth, but you get the sense Apple has no plans to ignore the inevitable.

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  • Mark Wheeler

    I don’t think all iPhone users are gonna drop their phones and rush into a larger display. There’s a good % who are happy with 4″ and won’t go to a bigger display until they are forced. I honestly think 2 sizes is a good strategy so they can play to both consumer markets. Me personally? 4.7 is as high as I’ll go. And I don’t need a damn stylus.

  • Phaz0n

    Sometimes the truth burns.

  • android76

    Some people will not move up to a bigger screen or stylus until Apple says it is cool.