iPad Air wins Best Mobile Tablet at Mobile World Congress without even showing up


Apple isn’t one to participate in the big trade shows that other companies scamper to every year, instead choosing to host their own private events. That hasn’t stopped them from earning praise from their peers and industry experts. Despite launching last year and no presence at Mobile World Congress, the iPad Air has been named Best Mobile Tablet as part of the the 2014 Global Mobile Awards.

The awards are handed out each year at MWC by their governing body, the GSMA, so devices technically don’t have be newly announced or in attendance to qualify. Still, the honor will surely feel like a snub to the likes of Samsung, LG, and others showing off their own tablets at the show this year, but Apple is obviously doing something right to earn the recognition. When we reviewed the iPad Air after its launch we found the tablet to be the best update to Apple’s line of slates since they were first introduced. It achieved success in nearly every area, from its revamped, compact design to the functionalities introduced with iOS 7.

Since the iPad launched, other mobile manufacturers have been playing catchup when it comes to tablets. For this reason, perhaps it’s fitting that the iPad Air and Apple wouldn’t even have to show up to win.

You can see the full list of other winners and honorees for dozens of categories by hitting up the press release linked below.

[Press Release]

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  • Donovan Shore

    This is ridiculous

    • observer1959

      Absolutely, they should have at least given honorable mention to the iPad mini.

    • Winter Charm

      Why? A well designed product that works as advertised, and performs very well won an award.

      Nothing out of the ordinary here.

      • Mark Wheeler

        He forgot to ad * it was made my crapple not samsung therefore it deserves nothing but hate!

        There I fixed that :)

  • Steve__S

    Plain and simple, the iPad Air sets the bar for what should be expected in the tablet category. Giving this award to any other tablet on the market would have been laughable.

  • Below$600AShareIsPathetic!}:-(

    But… but… but everyone says the iPad Air is in grave danger because of the $250 Android tablets that everyone is buying