Here is Volvo’s implementation of Apple’s CarPlay [Update: Mercedes-Benz, too]

In case you were wondering what Apple’s CarPlay will look like in action, here is Volvo’s implementation of the system in their new XC90 SUV. While the interface will largely be identical across vehicles, Volvo demonstrates how each manufacturer will be able to bring some customization to the way CarPlay integrates with an in-dash system.

In Volvo’s case, this takes the form of a portrait display divided between Volvo’s own interface on the top and Apple’s on the bottom, showing how CarPlay is designed more to accentuate a vehicle’s in-car entertainment system rather than replace it. Apple’s functions manage to seamlessly style in with the rest of the setup, however.

We’ll be hearing more about CarPlay — formerly iOS in the Car — as Geneva Motor Week presses on. Along with Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz will be showcasing cars with the the new system in place.


Update: Mercedes-Benz also gave us a look at what CarPlay will look like in their upcoming C-Class models. Unfortunately, we only get images of their take, which features a odd/futuristic tablet-like display that “floats” above the car’s dash. Very interesting.

carplay-benz-2 carplay-benz-1

[via Volvo]

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