Horizon is your cure for portrait and crooked videos, get it free for a limited time


This is the worst: ever recorded a great landscape video only to find out that your phone thought it was in portrait mode? Sure, you can attempt to fix it in post, but why not avoid the hassle altogether? That’s where Horizon comes in.

Horizon locks your video to your phone’s gyroscope, meaning video will always be aligned in landscape with the bottom of the frame parallel to the ground. It works no matter how the device is held, with both front and rear cameras, and even when shooting in portrait orientation. The app can also function as a budget steadicam by adjusting for phone movements during filming (including complete rotation).

Horizon normally costs $1.99, but you should grab it now while it is 100 percent, absolutely free. The savings are only marked for a limited time, so grab it fast before you miss your chance. Or just pay $1.99 later — it’s well worth saving yourself the headache that comes from misaligned video.

[via iTunes]

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