This bathroom sharing app is a very real thing


We all know Airbnb, the service that lets individuals book private accommodations for travel, but I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard of Airpnp. The two have no actual relation other than the name, the latter offering significantly more temporary accommodations of another sort. In case Airpnp didn’t spell it out for you: people are now renting their bathrooms out, with a single use costing typically in the range of $1 to $15.

One particular listing outside of DC titled “One in the Pink” offers those in search of relief access to a vintage-styled commode outfitted in its namesake color. Two options are available, one-ply toilet paper for $10 or two-ply for $15. George Costanza would be proud.

The listing are accompanied by ratings, though it’s hard to tell if there is any legitimacy to them or if they are simply the work of typical internet comment trolls and jokesters. Actually, without any bathrooms for rent nearby we can’t say for sure if the service carries any legitimacy at all (we are assured it does), but there are certainly plenty of listings.

For now Airpnp is only accessible by the web, but an iOS app is apparently in the works. Think of the potential once GPS and location services get jakced into this sort of insane private bathroom service. Laugh now, but when you just can’t hold it any longer and no public bathrooms are in sigh, Airpnp could just be your guardian angel.

[via Airpnp]

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