Apple’s vision of the future from 1995 is surprisingly accurate

When it comes to predictions of the future from decades gone by, we are usually able to look back and get a good chuckle out of talk of flying cars in the year 2000, hover boards, and artificially intelligent robot overlords. When we look at Apple’s own take on the near-future, the world shown actually isn’t that far from what we know today.

Ignoring the fact that the aesthetics of the tablet-like computer shown throughout the video are firmly planted in the design language of the era, Apple’s video from 1995 shows a teacher utilizing a wireless, touchscreen device while video conferencing, sharing files and documents, and utilizing web search to uncover videos and more.

The clip was produced for distribution to educational institutions in order to promote the use of Apple products in the classroom, highlighting the future of learning that Apple envisioned being a part of. Less than 20 years later, nearly all of the technologies showcased have indeed found their way into the modern learning environment (and beyond).

Apple’s “predictions” don’t date back as far as the sci-fi writing of the 1950s, so their look at future technology benefits from the real-world developments that were occurring at the time of the video’s production. As a mostly promotional piece, Apple likely kept their look ahead within the realm of realism so as not to over-promise what might be possible a few years down the road. As predicted, the iPad and wireless internet have become central to the learning experience in many classrooms around the world.

Regardless, the video is a neat look back at how Apple was looking ahead. While we are still waiting on those flying cars, we’re happy that Apple’s vision has panned out, in the process delivering the family of mobile devices we have the pleasure of covering everyday here at iSource.

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