Medium app coming to iPhone this week

Medium, the site that seeks to refocus the attention of writers and readers alike in the increasingly fast-paced world of online publishing, will get its first app release, according to The New York Times. In a piece profiling founder Evan Williams, it is briefly mentioned that an iPhone-native version of Medium is due this week.


The app is said to be strictly for reading, so those wishing to publish via iPhone will still need to rely on the browser-based version of Medium (a task better suited for PC, in any case). With only this fleeting mention, we don’t get any clear vision of what to expect from the service’s debut on iOS.

Medium is already accessible on mobile devices through a cleanly-tailored interface that works well on smaller displays. While the app will surely offer features and benefits that its  web counterpart does not, it’s hard to imagine what they could be.

Medium launched in 2012, so an app seems long overdue. The service provides both professional and amateur writers with an outlet to create visually rich, peer edited and promoted features, ranging from shorter blog-style posts to stunning long form pieces. Mobile is an obvious next step for the platform where people increasingly do most of their daily reading between the bezels of their smartphones and tablets.

[via NYT Bits Blog]

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