iOS 7.1 adoption rate growing slowly but steadily since release


Chitka, the online advertising network, shared their insights on iOS 7.1 adoption 24 hours after the release of Apple’s latest platform update. While iOS 7 adoption remains strong in general, users haven’t exactly been flocking to its version 7.1 update. A day after its release on Monday, March 10th, iOS 7.1 counted for 5.9 percent of iOS-based web traffic, according to an analysis of Chitka’s ad impressions.

The number shows a slow, steady move to iOS 7.1, one not as rapid as the update to iOS 7 but on par with previous iterative updates. The numbers largely mirror Chitka’s initial analysis of the release of iOS 7.0.6, an update version that addressed a major security flaw in Apple’s mobile operating system.

iOS 7 reached 10 percent of devices in 3 hours and over 50 percent by its second day, showing a huge gap in adoption rates compared to recent platform updates like iOS 7.1. The disparate numbers can partly be explained by the huge marketing push for iOS 7’s initial release (as well as the simultaneous launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c). Apple’s choice to stagger the delivery of update notifications on iOS devices is also a likely factor.

iOS 7.1 is the biggest update to iOS 7 since it fist became available, adding in new features while addressing longstanding bugs. The new version add support for Apple’s CarPlay in-car integration, fixes Touch ID fingerprint recognition for iPhone 5s users, and patches a bug that forced random device reboots. If you have yet to update and want to see the adoption rate frown, we have full instructions posted to the site.

[via Chitka]

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