Twitch game streaming debuts on iOS with Asphalt 8


Twitch’s mobile SDK, announced only weeks ago, allows developers to implement live streaming and other goodies on a game-by-game basis. The first to do so? Asphalt 8: Airborne. A new update to the title arrives today and will be celebrated with a 24-hour livestream hosted by Gameloft.

The update to the popular racing game will implement live broadcasting, sharing, and archiving courtesy of the Twitch SDK. Users will also be able to participate in Twitch chat in-game and stream video using their iPhone or iPad’s built-in camera.

The road to mobile game streaming via Twitch was initially hampered by multi-tasking restrictions present in iOS. As such, a singular Twitch app to stream any game installed on your phone simply was not possible. Twitch has circumvented these restrictions by instead introducing its SDK, which enables all the features Twitch users are familiar with. The drawback, however, is that developers must install the SDK individually for each game they intend to use it with.

Gameloft has been teasing their Asphalt 8 streaming event but it has yet to kick off. As of writing, the update enabling Twitch support has not hit the App Store. Keep an eye on the Gameloft Twitch stream for in-depth coverage of the launch, including interviews with developers as well as giveaways.

[via Gameloft]

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