iOS 8’s Healthbook app detailed extensively in new series of leaks


We’ve heard our fair share of iOS 8 rumors in the past weeks, even catching our first glimpse of a leak only days ago. Now we are being treated to what purportedly will be the next major update to Apple’s mobile platform’s biggest new feature: Healthbook.

As the name suggests, Healthbook is a fitness and health-oriented take on Apple’s Passbook app. Passbook, as we know, stores digital versions of movie and concert tickets, boarding passes, and more. Healthbook, while using a similar design, would store information on wellness parameters, including in-depth blood analysis, sleep and activity tracking, and weight and nutrition information.

Perhaps most impressive is the app’s supposed ability to track a number of data points pertaining to a user’s blood work. This includes oxygen saturation, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and heart rate. Obviously, the sensors necessary to test for these parameters do not exist in any currently available Apple device. While Apple’s plans are not clear, this would mean Healthbook would have to interface with either third-party accessories or the highly-anticipated iWatch, which is rumored to contain a host of advanced wellness sensors.


Our bet is on the iWatch. The device looks to be at the center of Apple’s plans in 2014, and Healthbook is just the app to entice iPhone owners to pony up for the wearable accessory should it provide the necessary kit to accurately track the numerous and varied health diagnostics. There is also the possibility that Apple could build advanced health and fitness sensors into a future iPhone model.

Healthbook appears targeted for iOS 8, but as a standalone app it might miss the update’s initial launch window (depending on Apple’s plans). One thing seems almost certain: the launch of Healthbook will likely be timed with the iWatch. If all pans out, together they have the potential to really shake up the personal health industry.

[via 9to5Mac]

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