Do you even lift, bro? ToneFone iPhone case begs the question


With so much texting, social networking, and emailing, there isn’t a lot of time left in a day to focus on personal health. Tech companies have attempted to address this issue with wearable fitness trackers, app makers have provided numerous solutions for monitoring exercise and nutrition. The ToneFone takes a different approach, turning your iPhone into a dumbbell.

The ToneFone is an iPhone case made of steel with a soft rubber exterior. The choice of materials isn’t in an effort to add durability, rather it is to create what very well could be the heaviest iPhone case ever. With both 1 kilo and 1.5 kilo options (about 2 and 3 pounds, respectively), the ToneFone turns each lift of your phone into a muscle-building bicep curl — theoretically, anyway.

It’s true that the case isn’t very practical as a daily driver; its large size does not seem apt to slipping into a pocket or small purse. The low weight of the available option won’t be adding any serious bulk to your frame, either. But if you can’t find the time to put down the phone and pick up some real heavy lifting, the ToneFone’s got you covered. Which way to the beach?

[via DesirableBody]

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