These wooden iPhone panels should be a standard option


From the man cave to the station wagon, there is an enduring appeal to wood paneling. Thanks to Richard Clarkson, you can now bring the classic aesthetic to your iPhone.

After receiving inspiration in the form of a busted glass insert on the rear of his iPhone 5, Clarkson, a product and furniture designer who is no stranger to woodworking, created a veneer insert to fit the body of the device. Realizing the ease of installation (and the fact that other iPhone users likely have experience the similar misfortune of busted accent glass), he went about mass producing the inserts in a variety of finish options.


The result looks absolutely stunning; we wish Apple would offer it as an option out of the factory. While that is likely to never happen, we still get the next best thing. Voiding your warranty never looked this good.

Currently only available for the iPhone 5, the wooden replacement panels sell for $38/pair. We have reached out to Clarkson to inquire about plans to produce similar inserts for the iPhone 5s.

[via RichardClarkson]

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