iOS get Google’s Photowall for Chromecast

Google has launched a new Chromecast-connected app for iOS today called Photowall, a “new Chrome Experiment that lets people collaborate with images on the TV.” Using a smartphone or tablet connected to a Chromecast, any user can beam an image to a connected television set for display.


The app will also allow users to doodle on images and add annotations. After a session has ended, Photowall generates a YouTube video of the photos for easy sharing.

More interesting than the app’s release is perhaps the fact that no Android counterpart yet exists. Also worth noting is the fact that the iOS version does not seem fully functional at this time. This suggests that the app’s release might have been premature, though Google has yet to pull Photowall from the App Store if this is the case.

Google launched their Chromecast media streaming dongle last summer as a low-cost alternative to other internet TV platforms, including Apple TV. While not offering the same breadth of features, Google recently opened up Chromecast to third-party developers, enabling streaming capabilities for any wishing to implement them. Other than the official app, Photowall marks the first Chromecast-specific Google app to launch for iOS.

[via iTunes]

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