Apple has sold its 500 millionth iPhone


Apple, without a single congratulatory pat on the back, has sold 500 million iPhones in seven years. 500 million iPhone selling at exponentially higher rates each year.

While Apple has been known to celebrate their biggest milestones, there has been no mention of the feat by Cupertino. While the exact number of iPhones sold has not been confirmed, Apple did state that 472 million units had been sold heading into 2014. With analyst estimate’s ranging from 38 to 42 million new iPhone sales for Q1 of the year, the 500 million mark was likely passed earlier this month (around March 8th).

With the most recent 100 million iPhone selling at a rate two to six weeks faster than the 100 million before, Apple should quickly hit the 600 million mark. That number could be reached before the likely September launch of the iPhone 6. If not, the new device should be enough to push sales past that point.

[via Forbes]

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