Microsoft Office finally available for iPad


During one of his first appearances as Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella introduced a new vision for Microsoft, and it starts with the official release of Office for iPad. The introduction of the productivity suite for Apple’s popular tablet breaks from the old company line, introducing the product to devices outside of Microsoft’s tablet ecosystem.

The decision to launch popular business tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for the iPad is a grand gesture if it is meant to highlight Nadella’s new approach. Microsoft’s Windows-first mentality has largely hampered its growth in a new age of internet and cloud-connected mobile devices.

Many pundits believe the availability of Office for iPad comes as too little, too late. In the interim since the acceptance of the tablet as a valuable business and productivity tool, many alternative options have emerged, from Apple’s iWork to Google’s Drive and Docs. Then there are cross-platform options like Quip, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

All the while, Office has been losing its sheen. The once word processing behemoth has in many instances fallen out of favor. But for those that have been waiting, this release couldn’t have come soon enough. And with it, a new era for Microsoft has seemingly arrived.

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