Apple introduced iOS 8 to developers at their WWDC today with dozens of new and updated features. Described as the biggest iOS release ever--for developers. The common theme for iOS 8 was enhancement, where everything works together better and functionality is the key.
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Everything you need to know about iOS 8


Apple introduced iOS 8 to developers at their WWDC today with dozens of new and updated features. Described as the biggest iOS release ever–for developers.  The common theme for iOS 8 was enhancement, where everything works together better and functionality is the key.  Here are the highlights on everything we saw today with a short summary of what we know right now.


  • The Photos App received a major update in iOS 8 with numerous added features
  • iCloud Photo Library.  You now ha ve 5 GB of free cloud storage for all your photos, not just the last month or the last 1000 in your collection.  Additional storage starting for as little as $0.99/month
  • Edits on one iOS device show up on all devices immediately
  • Non-destructive edits.  Can always revert back to original version
  • Photo search enhanced.  Smart suggestions/adjustments
  • Smart composition and editing tools right on your iOS device
  • Filter and editing tools custom created by developers in addition to stock
  • Time-lapse videos created from dynamic multiple interval photos


  • The messaging app received some new enhancements and features, too
  • Touch and hold new microphone button to add sound to any message
  • Hold phone to ear to listen to messages with sound, or tap play button
  • Send video over messages more quickly
  • Group messages can be now be given a name (Soccer team)
  • Edited group messages at anytime–add or delete individuals from conversation
  • Turn on Do-not-Disturb in Messages or leave a conversation at anytime
  • Share your location in your message at anytime, for as long as you like
  • View every attachment from a conversation all at once
  • Send multiple videos and photos at once

Design Changes

  • Design has always been at the forefront for Apple, and with iOS 8 they continue to evolve the major overhaul seen in iOS 7.
  • Interactive notifications now let you take action on items that you routinely do everyday, without leaving the app you’re in.  These include texts, email, calendar invitations, reminders, and other third party messaging apps.
  • Shortcuts to your most recent contacts in addition to those in your Favorites list can now be found in the Multi-tasking interface along with your open apps.  They can be called up by pressing the home button twice.
  • New time-saving gestures in Mail
  • Easy access to original email while still in reply draft mode
  • Tab view of open websites now available on the iPad, too

Keyboard enhancements

  • Apple updated the keyboard in iOS 8 to be the most advanced and smartest keyboard to date.
  • Smart, predictive typing that adjusts based upon on the specific situation of the conversation (e.g. text with friend vs email with boss).
  • Predictive text optimized for 14 different countries
  • For the first time you can choose which keyboard you want to use because Apple is opening up their keyboard to developers

Family Sharing

A great new way to share purchase between up to 6 members of the same family.

  • Family members can share purchase from apps like iTunes, iBooks and the App Store without actually sharing their accounts
  • The same credit card needs to be used for all purchases in the family
  • Ask to buy–notified for approval when kids want to make a purchase
  • Share photos and calendars
  • The whole family can add to a shared photo album
  • Share everyone’s location within family

iCloud Drive

Work on the document of your choice on the device of your choice when you want to

  • Store all your documents in iCloud and access them from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or even your PC running Windows 8.
  • Simply drag and drop to iCloud folder view documents on all devices
  • Edits made on one device appear immediately on all devices
  • Apps can now share files–access and work on the same file across multiple apps


Apple’s new Health app is an aggregate “dashboard” of sorts for all your health and fitness data.  In addition, newly created developer tools called HealthKit will allow developers to tap into this data for their own apps, which will allow them to work with other fitness apps.

  • All your health “data” in one place providing a real-time snap shot of your current health.
  • Manage what you want to track, and what data is shared with which app–YOU are in complete control
  • Create an emergency contact card that’s accessible from your lock screen with important information about you.

Continuity between iOS & OS X

With iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite, now more than ever before, the newest versions of these operating systems will work with even more cooperation than ever before.

  • With Handoff  you can start working on one iOS device and pick right up where you left off on your Mac or another iOS device. All you need to make this magic happen is ti have your devices signed into the same iCloud account.  Current apps that work with Handoff include, Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts. In addition, developers can build this feature into their apps, too.
  • Answer and make calls on your Mac as long as your iPhone is on the same wi-fi network running iOS 8.
  • Send and receive SMS and MMS messages on your iPad and Mac just like on your iPhone
  • New Hot-Spot feature lets you use your iPhone’s data connection when your iPad is out of Wi-Fi range.

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search is now smarter than ever and considers all sorts of available info before returning search results.  For instance…

  •  Wikipedia
  • News
  • Nearby places
  • iTunes Store
  • App Store
  • iBooks Store
  • Suggested websites
  • Movie showtimes
  • Interacts with Safari, too!

Developer SDK / Tools

Apple is giving developers 4000 new API’s in the latest SDK to help make there apps better than ever–including the following…

  • Sharing options
  • Photo Editing
  • Custom Actions
  • Notification Center
  • Keyboard
  • Documents


With iOS 8, Apple has added new security, productivity, and device management features for Enterprise.

  • Security, data protection and mail encryption
  • New productivity features
  • Time saving features in mail
  • Better data and device management tools
  • Peer-to-peer Airplay discovery and playback




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      Does it come with a side of viruses too?
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      • John Davis

        There’s no viruses. In fact that is probably one of the safest movie sites for downloading or streaming movies on any Apple device. I been downloading movies from that site for over 3 yrs and it is a really great service, very user friendly, huge selection of movies and super fast downloads. I used many sites including Netflix and that site is my favorite of all.

  • John Thomas

    That movie site is badass! thanks bro!

  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    “For the first time you can choose which keyboard you want to use because Apple is opening up their keyboard to developers……..”

    A feature Android had for years.


    • Renkman

      No one said innovative–but definitely an evolution in thinking within Apple that might expand user base.

      • Toilet Seat Wipe

        Really? Seems every time Apple updates the iOS, we hear how innovative the updates are. Maybe not from you, but I do hear it a lot from others.

        • Renkman

          Oh, come on. We can all be rational here. That’s just the fanboy rivalry that some can’t live without. Good ideas are good ideas. Companies make choices, and sometimes what seems like a bad idea originally sounds better later. It’s all good. Thanks for the comment, though.

        • Toilet Seat Wipe

          Speaking of fan boy……..

        • Renkman

          tsk, tsk. That was too easy. Let’s see what happens before the mud starts slinging, shall we?