Apple celebrates MBA with new “Stickers” commercial [VIDEO]

Really loving the new commercials Apple has been releasing lately.  They have been down to earth and very relatable, while at the same time celebratory of some great app categories and developers.  I especially like the music choices that are playing during the commercials.  We already know Apple has deep roots in music, but they also seem to have a reputation of matching the message in their commercials with the product or service they are promoting.

For instance, take the new “Stickers” commercial they recently started airing.  Not what I expected from Apple, but_very_fun none-the-less.  I had to go back and view it a couple of times to see all the various stickers they showcased, not to mention even realize it was a MacBook Air commercial in the first place.

What do you think?  Has Apple’s new advertising direction got your attention?  Do you like their new “in-house” videos?


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