Tip: Quick Emoji Popup on Macbook Pro and Macbook Air

The proliferation of iPhones, texting, and other forms of “instant messaging” have not only made shorter forms of communication, but preferred (omg r u srs lol?) Among this growing breed of interaction: the Emoji.

Although emojis (smily faces and other illustrations) are put front and center on mobile devices, where quicker interactions are king, what if you want to type an emoji from your desktop or laptop? What if you’re on Facebook, or Skype, or any other messenger and want to toss in a cute little winky face? If you didn’t already know, there’s a keyboard shortcut for Macbooks that pops up an emoji box allowing you to pick from one of many.

Press: Control + Command + Spacebar

Emoji Shortcut Macbook


A nice little trick that – if you use emojis with any regularity – you’ll find yourself going back to again and again. Nothing mind blowing, but a nice little tip to save some time next time you want to furrow your eyebrows and make some type of face.

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