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Be homeless, eat trash in a cemetery, then become President with Homeless Life Simulator for iOS

Ever wish you were Homeless? Me neither. Ever wish you were President? Me neither. But if you’re unlike me, you can attempt to go from one of life’s most unfortunate situations (being homeless) to the powerful, prestigious, and stressful position in the world (President).


The idea is absolutely hilarious, regardless if the app plays like a masterpiece or not. Each day you’re able to make one move to improve your life’s outlook; make the wrong moves or no moves and you’ll soon die, but if you play it smart you might accumulate wealth and eventually become President. Talk about the American Dream!

Some actions you’re able to take in this Choose Your Own Disaster style game:

  • Eat in trash
  • Eat on cemetery
  • Drink vodka
  • Make a fight
  • Hit on a girl
  • Visit casino


The game might absolutely suck, but we’d still recommend downloading it for 99 cents if only for the 5 minutes of LOLz. And hey, who knows, maybe it ends up being your next favorite role-playing game?

I have to admit, though, the developer might be  lacking real world experience as some pretty obvious options I’d suggest include:

  • Beg for money outside 7-Eleven
  • Wash people’s windshields at intersection regardless of if they want you to
  • Wait at bus/train station with sob story about getting home
  • Play music near bars and accept donations

I particularly like that last one and I’ve been known to – at times – be a bit of a sap. But let’s not get all political and emotional, this game is all about stupid fun and hilarity.

Give it a shot and let us know how you fare.

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