We decided to explore (5) top iPhone resale companies to find out who would give us the most money for our used 16GB iPhone 5S. You might be surprised what we discovered--not all resale sites are equal.
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Who will pay the most money for my used iPhone?

iPhone 5S-8


The pent-up demand for a larger iPhone is enormous.  We proved that point with a poll we ran a few weeks ago that indicated 80% of consumers said that they preferred a larger iPhone.  I for one can’t wait to finally have the opportunity to purchase an iPhone that is larger than the current 4″ screen size of the iPhone 5C & 5S.

So, what are all these consumers suppose to do with their old iPhones–providing they would like to sell them in the first place?  For this post, we are going to concentrate our focus on websites that purchase used iPhones.  Our goal is to compare the similarities and differences between these companies so you are better informed and ready to buy the iPhone 6 as soon as it becomes available.

For comparative purposes, here are (5) options that will give you the most money for your used iPhone.  For each iPhone resale company we used the exact same criteria when possible–Find My iPhone disabled, Space Grey, 16GB iPhone 5S in good working order, with power cord & Locked to AT&T as your carrier.  The results in no particular order…





Gazelle.com | Link














Cash For iPhones | Link










It’s Worth More | Link














Nextworth | Link












Glyde | Link












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