When you've decided it's time to sell or trade your used iOS device, one of the most important things you can do to prepare that device for re-sale is to remove it from Find My iPhone. Here's how...
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How to remove your iOS device from Find My iPhone


So you’ve decided that you want to sell your iPhone and prepare for an upgrade to the iPhone 6.  You’ve already investigated all the best choices available to you, and perhaps you decided to sell your old iPhone to a resale dealer.  You have calculated who will give you the most money for your trade-in, and you are preparing your device to ship off to the re-sale company of your choosing.  You took our advice, and decided you wanted to make sure all of your data was securely erased from your device, and not leave it up to the re-sale company to do this for you.


One of the most important things you can do during this process, though, is to remove your iOS device from Find My iPhone.  This can be accomplished anytime prior to shipping off/selling your device.  If you are on iOS 7 or later, you will be notified during the process of erasing your data that your device will also be removed from Find My iPhone.  However, we advise you to do this manually beforehand just in case–or anytime you might want to remove an iOS device from this service.

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