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Fitness app developer, lolo, keeps pushing with 50% off many popu...

lolo, a favorite health and fitness app maker, has just announced a brief sale on many of their apps!

lolo’s newest app is a stretch (in a good way)

Health and fitness app developer, lolo, has released a new app called Performance Stretching. Read on to get a quick look and impression of the newest app to their “easy series” collection.

Limited time: lolo Yoga is Free!

One of my favorite app developers, lolo, has 13 different apps – all designed for various areas of fitness. One of their most recent releases, Yoga with Janet Stone, spent time in the App Store as a highlighted fitness app in the “Get Moving” feature is now available for a limited time at no cost! Janet Stone is […]

Launch Sale: lolo Easy Arms

lolo, one of my favorite exercise app developers, has done it again. This time it’s Easy Arms. The email arrived yesterday, and I immediately added to my ongoing lolo collection of health-related apps. According to their email, the features of Easy Arms include Strengthen and tone your arms, chest, back, and shoulders quickly and easily. Fits […]

Launch Sale: Easy Abs by lolo

One of my favorite developers of exercise apps for iDevices, lolo, has just launched a new app called Easy Abs. I received the email announcement this morning and am already plan to jump in sit up and take notice! According to their promotional email: EASY ABS FEATURES A complete core workout everyday. Tone up your […]

lolo Celebrates iPhone 4S with Sale

One of my all-time favorite developers of exercise apps, lolo, has recently announced a sale of all 6 of their apps. Multiple times I have selected one of their apps as a Pick of the Week or a full review. With their newest upgrades to include their cloud-based service, lolo Connect, taking the time to […]

lolo Burn Review: A personalized fitness coach on the iPhone

Since my successful Couch-to-5K program, I have been more intrigued (inundated, even) with requests for app reviews. I rigorously use the ones I select to review in an attempt to get thorough appreciation of what an app has to offer (initial peek here). In part for me, a running/exercise app has to offer some motivation […]

lolo Burn for iPhone out on the App Store

Now that regular exercise is part of my routine, I am finding exercise apps to be more appealing to review. A recent submission is that of “lolo Burn” (pronounced “low-low”) and there’s some enjoyable intrigue in using this one: I love hearing the personal trainer voice in my ear and recommend this app after using […]

Black Friday sales announced! [UPDATED]

Today’s traditional Black Friday sales at brick-and-mortar stores are blitzing the airwaves to draw your attention. What about those deals that you can find from the comfort of your home? Take a peek at some of the deals of which we’re aware.

Back-to-School Sales, Sales, Sales! [UPDATE]

A few Back-to-School sales have recently been announced! Click to see how much money you can save!

Fitness App Recommendations for 2013

With the calendar flipping to 2013, there’s also been the annual noticeable shift to focus on self-improvement, weight loss, and all-things exercise related. So of all the apps out there, which are worth their weight (pun intended) in gold? Keep reading to find out the picks I have been using for weeks, months, and even […]