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Official Push Gmail still a little slow even one month after laun...

Well I’m just a little embarassed right now, so I hope you don’t mind me writing to you from underneath this brown paper bag. *crumple* I got into a small ego battle with a Blackberry user the other day and one of his main points was how awesome push email was on the Blackberry. I […]

PushMail app – push Gmail on an iPhone?

A new push-capable app, aptly named PushMail, aims to bring push notifications to your e-mail, regardless of service provider. Being that my primary e-mail account is through Gmail, which does not yet provide push delivery of new messages to the iPhone’s built-in e-mail app, I was excited to give PushMail a try. How PushMail accomplishes […]

Boxcar on Track for Removal from my iPhone

Boxcar – the social networking tool that pushes notifications from social networking sources like email, Twitter, or Facebook long before notifications were available in iOS 5 – has been part of my repertoire for Gmail notifications when my beloved Push Gmail became unstable. In my case, the service sends a push notification of a new email to my […]

Gmail Push updated to 1.2.3: name changed to Push for Gmail; adde...

Gmail Push (1.0 review here) seems to be trying to re-brand itself a little with its latest update, although, to be honest, the new name is just as vague and forgettable as it was before. The email notification / full screen Gmail browser app is just slightly more feature-rich than it was before with five […]

Our Top 15 iPhone Jailbreak Apps

Jailbreaking is awesome, but it can be a little daunting to find out what to do, or which apps do what. The following is a list of our top 15 favourite apps organized by category, showing you which apps unlock neat powers like native email alerts, enable wi-fi tethering, and which apps sound like corn […]

Hidden Obvious Tip: Turn off your iPhone’s Wi-Fi radio when...

One of the things I had never thought to try on my iPhone (well, not consistently anyway) was to turn off wi-fi when there were no networks available.  This really came down to two things: 1) when I first picked up my iPhone 2G I remember having read somewhere that wi-fi didn’t use up very […]