Our Team

Patrick Jordan
Founder / Editor:
Husband, father to a lovely daughter, Austinite, former Londoner, huge sports nut, mobile tech and iPhone blogger, iPhone apps junkie …Originally from the NorthEast – born in NYC, raised in Connecticut. Spent a lot of years in London, England. Now very happy to be living in Austin, Texas.

Married to a lovely Texan lady, and we have one six year old daughter – who I’m happy to say is already a big iPhone fan. She is Level 1 iPhone Support for her mom – I get called in if she can’t fix an issue, and I hardly ever get called in.

Huge sports fan and owner of a large, goofy Labrador.

IT consultant and network engineer by trade – working with a local firm that provides IT / network services to SMBs in Austin.

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Thomas Wong
Based out of Toronto, Canada, Thomas is happy to finally have a modern phone in is hand that he didn’t have to unlock or import. He uses the iPhone 3GS for pretty much everything but making coffee, so it’s only natural that he’d gush about the latest accessories and apps on the coolest blog he could find. When not squinting at the 3.5-inch screen, he glares at Team Fortress 2 on a 20-inch monitor, eats chicken, or charges his iPhone. He might have left some things out, but you know the important stuff now.Follow Thomas on Twitter: @ragart

Brandon Steili
I am a (now rare) contributor at Just Another iPhone Blog. When I ‘m not obsessing over my iPhone or doing the day job, you can find me happily sitting in front of my MacBook banging on the keys trying to get Xcode to do something worthwhile or tending to the needs of my family.Since I’m obsessed with current technology it should come as no surprise I ‘m a systems administrator by trade and couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time at work. That’s a lie. I could, but I enjoy what I do. I ‘ve also managed to find the time to complete a bachelors degree in Information Systems Security, and I’m currently working on figuring out how to program for the iPhone and OS X.

As for my iPhone experience? Couldn’t handle the price on release day. I ended up buying my first iPhone the day the prices dropped, and since that time I’ve owned the 1st Gen, 3G and now a 3GS. There’s also a 1st and 2nd Gen iPod Touch roaming around the house although I never get to see them anymore since my wife and daughter got ahold of em!

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Joe Tomasone
Joe is best described as a “technologist”; both using and evangelizing technology and its practical application in our daily lives.Originally from New York, Joe now resides in sunny Tampa, FL.

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Alicia Bankhofer

Born and bred in Trinidad and Tobago, Alicia Bankhofer currently resides near Vienna Austria with her husband Andy, her cat Angel, her iPod ‘indiepod ‘ and black Macbook. A late-blooming geek, her first all-consuming gadget was a third generation iPod, leading her to a rewarding stint as moderator and contributing editor on iLounge.com and later to a passion as a singer for the rock band Slave called shiver, which she co-founded in 2006. Her current pet project: establishing herself as a solo artist under the moniker Alibee, which sees the release of a debut EP in 2010.Follow Alicia on Twitter: @aliciabankhofer

Josh Gard
I’m a 27-year old technology-enthusiast living in the southern suburbs of Portland, Oregon. I love the Pacific Northwest (though not always the weather) and all that is available to see and do here. I frequent the beautiful Oregon beaches, and the majestic Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge. I love traveling and visiting new places, and home to someday visit Europe and Australia – as long as my iPhone will work there!I’ve owned every iPhone there’s been, starting with a 4GB original model, upgrading to the 8GB version within a year, then the 16GB white 3G, and even though I held off for a while, my envy got the better of me and I’m now sporting a 32GB 3GS – in white, of course!

I grew up being primarily a Mac-user, had to adapt to the Windows-centric corporate world and still use Windows 7 in my current job, though I’ve migrated back to a 13″ MacBook Pro for my personal use. I’ve been successfully working my way through family and friends to convert them to Macs!

By trade, I’m a network systems admin for a public school district of over 30,000 students and faculty, 6,000 PCs across nearly 40 different sites, as well as more than 150 servers in a central data center. I find it thoroughly rewarding knowing that everything I do at my job is directly impacting and improving the educational experience of our community’s children.

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Michael Clements
Consultant by day, online-junkie by night.Passionate about technology, web startups, the genius that is the iPhone, European football, travelling and poker.

Originally from Durban, South Africa. Now living in London.

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Brandon Kosal

I’m Brandon, a 26-year-old techie who loves his iPhone and almost anything Apple related. I just graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. I work in the purchasing department for a local automotive parts supplier.My current iPhone is a 32GB from AT&T. It is not jailbroken, but I did jailbreak my first one a year or so ago. I am probably one of the very few AT&T defenders (to a certain extent).

In my spare time, when I’m not playing with electronic gadgets, I like to hang out with my friends, read, and write.

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Jay Roth
Although not born in Missouri, I am a native. The familly – 2 boys (currently 2 and 6) and wife – and I live in Springfield, the 3rd largest city in MO, but you’ve probably not heard of it. It’s better described as an hour north of Branson (ugh…)My dad sold computers when I was a teenager, so I grew up around both PCs and Apples. I can recall “stunning” my teachers with the printouts of papers from the Mac with amazing fonts off the dot-matrix printer. I played video games with what I could afford – which pretty much ended with the classic Nintendo while I was in college pursuing a degree in Math Education.

I am a former high school teacher who devoted 14 years in the classroom (with technology of SMART boards, wireless slates, graphing calculators, etc.). In 2007, I was offered a position by the state department of education to promote the school improvement initiative of Professional Learning Communities, so I currently train teachers in methods to improve their school. My focus for the need for changing? Technology! (see Ian Jukes’ blog, http://www.committedsardine.com/index.cfm , and the stuff is amazing.) My two boys are huge fans of the iPhone…. but this Xmas, it might be supplanted by a DSi…

For my 40th birthday, my wife got me a 16GB, 3GS – which I have jailbroken – in part thanks to JAiB!

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Diego Petrucci
I’m Diego Petrucci, an italian 18yo student, last year before university. I’ll probably choose to be a Medic.I’ve always been interested in computer-related stuff like programming (I know a little of python), the last internet trends, tweaking/hacking the os, etc. a sort of geek, but I don’t call myself a geek cause if I have have the choice I’d still prefer hanging out with friends, socializing.

I’m an eclectic person: I played many sports, took drumming lessons and did well in math. The problem is that I focus intensively on a subject for 2-3 months and then abandon it.

I haven’t found yet my true passion – and maybe I never will -, now I’m interested in design, minimalism, photography and although it sounds like a cliché I love creativeness.

I own a 3G and feel fine with it. Have Vodafone as carrier and I can say I’m pretty satisfied with it.

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