Submit an App for Review

We love learning about about new apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch  – and reviewing them. If you’ve got a new app for iPhone OS, or even an older one that we haven’t covered yet, that you’d like us to consider reviewing, please send us an email letting us know about it.  Send your email to:

reviews AT

We receive a large number of approaches, so to help your app stand out please do some or all of the following to help us gauge the interest level for our reviewers and readers:

— Give a thorough description of what the app does.

— Tell us about its key features

— Include screencaps and / or video demos

— Provide links to the web site supporting the app and to its App Store page

If one is available, providing a promo code for the app is great, as that makes things a bit easier for our reviewers. This is not a requirement though – we are also happy to work with ad-hoc installations or make our own arrangements where the situation fits. .

We often work with pre-release versions of apps – so feel free to let us know about your promising upcoming apps, or hot new versions, before they hit the store as well.

As you might well expect, we are not able to review all the apps that get sent in for our attention.  We do our best to cover those which meet our very simple criteria – they’re interesting to us (one or all of us who write the reviews) and/or they seem likely to be of great interest to our readers.

We look forward to hearing aout your exciting iPhone apps.