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How to set up your Medical ID in the Health app

One of the great features of Apple’s new Health app is the Medical ID. The premise behind the Medical ID is to present first-responders and other individuals access to important contact and emergency information about an individual that may save their lives. In addition it can also provide information about who might need to be contacted if a person become incapacitated

Download iArm Wrestle Champs, coming to Apple Watch in 2015

The Apple Watch won’t be available until 2015 but its first announced game, iArm Wrestle Champs, is already available for download on iTunes. Right now the game can only be used as seen in the video below, but once the Apple Watch is available, you’ll need only to wear the watch with the game installed and begin arm wrestling: the rest is like magic.

Email client Mailbox now available in Mac OS public beta

The popular email app client Mailbox began rolling out their public beta for Mac OS this week, joining the mobile versions already available to iOS and Android users. We have been waiting for the Mac version to come out since it was demoed last April at the Dropbox Keynote presentation.

Be homeless, eat trash in a cemetery, then become President with ...

Ever wish you were Homeless? Me neither. Ever wish you were President? Me neither. But if you’re unlike me, you can attempt to go from one of life’s most unfortunate situations (being homeless) to the¬†powerful, prestigious, and stressful position in the world (President). The idea is absolutely hilarious, regardless if the app plays like a […]

Apple remembers Robin Williams

Apple is remembering the legendary Robin Williams with a simple black and white tribute on their Website. The death of the man who touched so many lives with his humor and candor was tragic. He will be dearly missed by all who knew and admired him.

Taasky: iOS App of the month

Every once in a while there are apps that take an existing problem or function and make them better by elevating the process and cleaning up the design. When apps are simple yet elegant and streamlined they lend themselves to a better user experience and overall appeal.

Productivity Apps on sale 50-70% off

Apple has highlighted 20 “Amazing” Productivity Apps in the App Store for a limited time sale. The group of apps include some very popular choices that range in discounted prices between 50-70% off. Some of these apps typically cost as much as $10

The 3 best Fantasy Football Apps for your iPad

The NFL season is right around the corner. This is my favorite time of the year, and it also means Fantasy Football is here, too! If you’re like me, then you’ve already begun the process of evaluating the rookies prospects, considering who your keepers might be, and most importantly

Paddle announces an epic Mac Bundle from Creatable

Paddle has announced their latest premium Mac bundle–an Epic Summer Mac Bundle from Creatable. You get 20 top Mac apps for the next couple of weeks for the price of

Every new iOS 8 feature

You know the saying–a picture’s worth a thousand words. This slide flashed up on the screen during WWDC so briefly, it was hard to fully grasp all the new features coming to iOS 8 this summer. We’ve already talked about some of the best features that Apple didn’t have time to expand upon during the Keynote. Here is a full list of

Infinity Blade II is the free app of the week

Every week the Editors of the App Store select an app to discount to free for the whole week (not including in-app purchases). These apps typically represent the cream of the crop in the category they represent, and are a great bargain if you can manage to download them while on sale.