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ICYMI: This week on iSource [3/28/2014]

It’s almost April in the year 2014 and you can finally edit Microsoft Word docs on your iPad. That and Twitter’s curious desire to be more like Facebook in this week’s ICYMI.

Microsoft Office finally available for iPad

During one of his first appearances as Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella introduced a new vision for Microsoft, and it starts with the official release of Office for iPad. The introduction of the productivity suite for Apple’s popular tablet breaks from the old company line.

Twitter update adds new photo features, garners user backlash

A new Twitter update rolled out last night, and it has some users wondering if the social network is losing grip on many of the principles it was founded on. The update adds to Twitter the ability to upload multiple photos to a single post and tag other users.

Instagram grows to 200 million users

Instagram has announced a new milestone as the social photo sharing network has surpassed 200 million users. The news comes in the shadow of parent company Facebook’s acquisition of virtual reality gaming startup Oculus Rift.

The internet wins: Turkey’s Twitter ban overturned

A Twitter ban that started in Turkey last week has ended. A Turkish court has issued a stay on the decision to block citizens from accessing Twitter as it reviews a long series of complaints against the initial ruling.

You’re not the only one that wants a more diverse set of emojis

Emojis have a diversity problem — it’s no secret. According to Apple, they are working to create a more inclusive set of icons to add to your texts.

Apple highlights iPad’s role in war on concussions

Apple continues their Your Verse campaign with a look at how the iPad has impacted the diagnosis and study of concussions, a topic of controversy as of late thanks to an ongoing debate largely focused on professional football.

Apple sends email offering to refund in-app purchases

Apple is making good on its duty to repay $32 million worth of erroneous in-app purchases, sending an email today to many iTunes users providing a method to request a refund.

iOS get Google’s Photowall for Chromecast

Google has launched a new Chromecast-connected app for iOS today called Photowall, a “new Chrome Experiment that lets people collaborate with images on the TV.”

Twitter’s experiment in music discovery has ended

Over the weekend Twitter pulled its #Music app from the App Store, ending the brief run of the trending music discovery service. Twitter #Music will go offline exactly one year after its debut.

Burger King to launch mobile payments with new app

As financial institutions, carriers, and smartphone makers struggle to come to an agreement on a single, unified mobile payment experience, individual retailers have been gradually taking the situation into their own hands. Burger King will be the latest to introduce the concept with its new mobile app.