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Every new iOS 8 feature

You know the saying–a picture’s worth a thousand words. This slide flashed up on the screen during WWDC so briefly, it was hard to fully grasp all the new features coming to iOS 8 this summer. We’ve already talked about some of the best features that Apple didn’t have time to expand upon during the Keynote. Here is a full list of

Infinity Blade II is the free app of the week

Every week the Editors of the App Store select an app to discount to free for the whole week (not including in-app purchases). These apps typically represent the cream of the crop in the category they represent, and are a great bargain if you can manage to download them while on sale.

iOS 8 brings greater control over iMessage threads

Apple has finally addressed one of users’ biggest gripes in iOS 8. An updated iMessage app now allows users to add and remove contacts from a thread, set ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on a per thread basis, and even leave a thread should they wish.

Apple pulls the trigger, buys Beats Audio for 3 billion

After weeks of speculation that left many scratching their heads as to why they would be interested in buying Beats Audio–Apple finally pulled the trigger and announced this evening that they were acquiring Beats Audio for 3 Billion

Readdle’s PDF Expert for the iPhone is now free!

The folks over at Readdle have been working really hard at updating their amazing PDF Expert app, for the next release (version 5.1). The newest version, going live May 29th for $9.99, will be a universal app for the first time. Version 5.1 will add tons of functionality to the iPhone app that was previously

Apple updates their WWDC app ahead of conference next month

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is right around the corner. As a result, they just updated their WWDC app for 2014. If you have a developer account, now you can follow each of the session videos even if you can’t make it to San Francisco

How to set up Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone or iPad

Do not disturb (DND) is one of those utilities that was a long time coming for iOS. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been woken up by my wife’s iPhone or my iPad chiming in the middle of the night with every spam email notification and late night text from those friends who forget

Calendars 5: Smart Calendar and Task Manager app – Now FREE...

Calendars 5, one of our favorite iOS calendar apps from our friends over at Readdle, just went on sale for_FREE_for the next two days in the App Store. Normally selling for $6.99, Calendars 5 is one of those must have apps for your iPhone or iPad

Best free iOS game of the week

The App Store is full of thousands of games–everyone already knows that. As a result, discoverability has always been an issue for me, as well as thousands of other iOS users. So when it comes to finding a game that I might find interesting enough to play

(3) quick tips to make the Apple Mail App easier to use

We use our iOS devices everyday for a full range of tasks ranging from the most mundane to the more complicated and elaborate often without even thinking about “how” we perform such tasks.

ICYMI: This week on iSource [3/28/2014]

It’s almost April in the year 2014 and you can finally edit Microsoft Word docs on your iPad. That and Twitter’s curious desire to be more like Facebook in this week’s ICYMI.