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Apple names top apps of 2013

Posted on 17 Dec 2013 by Kevin Krause

Like others, Apple has released it’s Best of 2013 lists, covering top apps, games, music, and more from iTunes and the App Store. Duolingo, the language leaning app, was named iPhone App of the Year.

Apple to make iWork and iLife apps available for free with new iOS devices

Posted on 10 Sep 2013 by James Rogers

Apple is offering $39.95 worth of software free with new devices.

Download the 50 billionth app & you’ll win a US $10,000 gift card

Posted on 05 May 2013 by Renkman

The App store is about to pass another milestone, and this one is a biggie–50 billion downloads worldwide.  To celebrate this monumental accomplishment, they are rewarding the individual who downloads the 50 billionth app with a $10,000 gift card.  Didn’t quite make it in time?  Your consolation prize could be …

Gun Commando announced for iOS, to release later this month

Posted on 09 Apr 2013 by Brandon K

Fans of old-school-style first-person shooters take note: Gun Commando, an FPS where aliens — that’s right, aliens — are the bad guys, is scheduled for release to the App Store later this month.  If you long for the days of Duke Nukem, it looks like you’ll want to give Gun …

Tweetbot for Mac shows the best and worst of Twitter

Posted on 30 Jan 2013 by Brandon K

Twitter has managed to take what was initially a niche service and made it more mainstream than anyone could have imagined.  In 2007, Twitter saw an average of 400 thousand tweets per quarter.  Back in March 2012, that number exploded to 340 million tweets per day.  Just last month, they …

Apple Store App Updated, Now Supports Siri and Passbook

Posted on 08 Nov 2012 by Alex Jordan

Apple released an update to their Apple Store app yesterday. This new version now supports Siri and the ability to emial Passbook gift cards to friends from within the app. That said, the Passbook features in this app do not appear to be turned on by Apple yet. What’s coolest …

Google Introduces Dedicated YouTube App on the App Store

Posted on 11 Sep 2012 by Alex Jordan

Shortly after Apple began seeding developers with beta builds of iOS 6 earlier this summer, it was discovered that when the final version of iOS 6 reached consumers this fall, it would no longer feature the built-in YouTube app that has been a staple of the OS since the beginning. …

Facebook Releases Faster, Rewritten, iPhone App

Posted on 23 Aug 2012 by Alex Jordan

Just last week our very own Jay Roth mentioned that commented on Facebook’s floundering iPhone app. Just as promised, Facebook has released an totally rewritten version of the app, which is considerably faster than its predecessor. This speed increase is brought about by the company’s decision to switch from HTML5-based …

Sign of the Times: Panic’s Candy Bar is Now Free

Posted on 09 Aug 2012 by Alex Jordan

For years Panic Inc, one of the finest purveyors of Mac software, has sold a utility called Candy Bar, which allows users to modify the OS X Dock and icons. Well, starting this week, Candy Bar has been handed off to The Iconfactory and is now a free download. This …

My Thoughts Regarding Apple’s Push for Free Apps

Posted on 18 Jun 2012 by Alex Jordan

Everything gelled together for me when I read this piece regarding Apple’s promotion of free apps in the App Store. My perfunctory understanding of economics kicked in, and then a realization. Based on current evidence and speculation, it seems that Apple is trying to drive down the cost of apps …

Apple Seeds: WWDC Banners Confirm iOS 6, New App Usage Tracking Tools for Developers, More...

Posted on 09 Jun 2012 by Alex Jordan

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news: WWDC Banners Confirm iOS 6 To no one’s surprise, the banners that are just now going up at Moscone West ahead …