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Best free iOS game of the week

Posted on 28 Apr 2014 by Renkman

The App Store is full of thousands of games–everyone already knows that. As a result, discoverability has always been an issue for me, as well as thousands of other iOS users. So when it comes to finding a game that I might find interesting enough to play

NBC Sports Live Extra for iOS carries all Barclay’s Premier League football matches ...

Posted on 17 Aug 2013 by James Rogers

Are you a fan of the Barclay’s Premiere League living in the US? Tired of the crappy to non-existent coverage we’ve had over here until recently? Don’t want to pay a boatload to watch your favorite side? Then check out NBC Sports Live Extra for iOS.

lolo’s newest app is a stretch (in a good way)

Posted on 26 Jun 2013 by Jay

Health and fitness app developer, lolo, has released a new app called Performance Stretching. Read on to get a quick look and impression of the newest app to their “easy series” collection.

Review: Voro for iOS

Posted on 30 May 2013 by Brandon K

If you’re looking for a new pick-up-and-play puzzle game, go download this game right now. Voro is simple, yet very addicive!

Google Now for iOS bug is affecting battery life for some users [Updated]

Posted on 01 May 2013 by James Rogers

(Update: Google has made a public response to this issue, which you can find in this post.) While I covered some of the shortcomings of Google Now in its debut version for iOS a couple of days ago, it also seems to be suffering from a bug that affects its use …

Review: Clueless Crossword Party!

Posted on 27 Apr 2013 by Jay

Gambit has released a fun twist on a crossword puzzle – one that has no clues! As odd as that might sound, Clueless Crossword Party! is nearly a complete success in thoughtful lexicon entertainment. The premise is surprisingly simple: instead of traditionally numbered spaces on the crossword board (the first …

Review: Predictive Typer – an iOS keyboard replacement?

Posted on 12 Mar 2013 by Jay

First let me voice my full displeasure with Apple’s keyboard for small screen devices (iPhone and iPod Touch). Over the years, one would think I would get better, more accurate, and more efficient at using my thumb(s) on the tap the keys on the screen. Yet I find no improvement …

Review & Giveaway: Fuel Monitor app watches your driving habits

Posted on 23 Feb 2013 by Jay

As gas prices unexpectedly surged this month, your driving habits should become a focal point in an effort to save money. Besides keeping the tires inflated properly, paying attention to jackrabbit starts and sudden stops are recommendations for drivers to save on fuel consumption – and keep more of the …

Fitness App Recommendations for 2013

Posted on 31 Dec 2012 by Jay

With the calendar flipping to 2013, there’s also been the annual noticeable shift to focus on self-improvement, weight loss, and all-things exercise related. So of all the apps out there, which are worth their weight (pun intended) in gold? Keep reading to find out the picks I have been using …

Tuning up iTunes using TuneUp: My Success Story

Posted on 17 Nov 2012 by AliciaB

Now that it is officially cold season in my corner of the world, I think it is the perfect time for some sorely needed cleaning up and reorganization of various things around my house and around my computer. Having now set up my new MacBook Pro as my main machine, …

Review: Count To a Billion for iPhone

Posted on 19 Aug 2012 by James Rogers

  I have a few pre-requisites for games to make it on my iPhone these days. You see, my iPad has steadily been taking over as my preferred gaming device. I sold my Nintendo DS off three years ago, hardly touch a console anymore, and only play on my iPhone …