12-inch MacBook Air could compete with cheaper Chromebooks

Jan 11th -

Apple is rumored to be working on a 12-inch MacBook Air with an all new design that just might position it to compete with cheaper Chromebook’s. So what will these changes offer the consumer, and why should this interest us?

Apple sends out invites for September 9th Special Event

Aug 28th -

Apple has just sent out invitations to a special event being held on September 9th that we expect will announce the iPhone 6.

Purported Foxconn internal schematics reveal dimensions and weight of 4.7″ & 5.5″ iPhone 6 models

Aug 27th -

Purported internal iPhone 6 schematics from Foxconn, one of Apple’s main production partners, have revealed some interesting information regarding the size and appearance of both iPhone 6 models expected to be announced September 9th at Apple’s rumored iPhone Media event.

More iPhone 6 parts leak, including 5.5″ display, logic board & much larger battery

Aug 16th -

As anticipated, iPhone 6 parts are being leaked at a rapid pace as we enter the final month before Apple’s big media day. On September 9th we will see the final version of iOS 8 and we will get our first “official” introduction of a fully assembled iPhone 6. Apple is said to be finishing up the final stages of testing before they begin the mass production ramp up.

New iPhone 6 rear shell photos give indication of what final product might look like

Aug 12th -

Apple is reported to be announcing the iPhone 6 at a scheduled media event on Tuesday, September 9th, with the release of iOS 8 and the launch of the iPhone 6 the following week. As we quickly approach that timeline, there has been an increased flurry of leaked photos depicting numerous hardware pieces

iWatch to launch alongside iPhone 6 next month?

Aug 9th -

File this one under the “not sure makes sense, but too reliable a source not to even consider” category. Yesterday, John Gruber of Daring Fireball was commenting on how the Moto 360 will charge wirelessly when he had this to say…

Apple to introduce iPhone 6 at September 9th event

Aug 6th -

Finally, we can put a date on the iPhone 6 launch. Apple will be holding a media event on Tuesday, September 9th, where they are expected to introduce the iPhone 6 to the masses.

Purported iPhone 6 photos surface

Jun 11th -

New photos purported to be of the iPhone 6 have surfaced today resembling, more-or-less, the design and size we have come to accept from other leaked photos and mock-ups.

Is this what multi-tasking on the iPad would look like in iOS 8?

Jun 9th -

After watching this iOS split-screen multi-tasking concept by Sam Beckett, it is easy to see why Apple would be interested in adding it to the iPad in iOS 8. Unfortunately, we didn’t see this newly anticipated feature at WWDC last week. Does this mean

iWatch slated for October release

Jun 6th -

The mother of all rumors just-wont-die. It’s safe to say that Apple is working on a “wearable” device, conveniently called the iWatch, and that said rumored device will one day be released. There have been so many rumors and posts and theories about what it might look like, and what it might cost, and what operating system it might run

Where to watch Apple’s 2014 WWDC Keynote next week

May 28th -

Apple’s homepage has been updated to announce that their Special Event, otherwise know as WWDC 2014, will be

Will the rumored updates to the iPhone 6 camera be a game changer for Apple?

May 1st -

Typically, the most important upgrades to the newest version of the iPhone each year center around changes and improvements to the camera. This year is shaping up to be no different, with Apple thought to be focusing on maintaining, and possibly even reducing an already thin profile

Is this what the iPhone 6 will look like?

Apr 30th -

Is this what the iPhone 6 will look like? These pictures were published by our friends on the well-know French Apple rumor site called Nowhereelse.fr. The general consensus of the pictures depicted is that they resemble or represent, accurate dimensions

New MacBook Airs finally launching this week

Apr 28th -

Rumored new MBA’s are believed to be arriving in large quantities at Apple stores across the US and will be the “feature” item displayed in an overnight reset. Should you buy one of these new MBA’s?

Apple continues refining sapphire crystal displays — when will we see them?

Mar 27th -

Yet more speculation has emerged in regards to Apple’s sapphire crystal display plans, this time focusing on a newly published patent application. The patent in question covers a new method for applying an oleophobic coating to the glass.

Apple and Comcast working on Apple TV deal

Mar 24th -

The nation’s biggest cable provider and the maker of Apple TV are in talks to create a service that would run on the set-top box with streaming independent of Comcast’s regular broadband internet services.

Apple dreams up paintbrush-like stylus for iPad

Mar 20th -

A multitude of third-party stylus accessories are available for the iPad — many of them are quite good — but Apple has never attempted to introduce an official model for use with the tablet. Could one be in their future plans?

Jobs’ vision never included an Apple-made TV

Mar 17th -

The iTV — as far as we know, Apple has no plans to release such a device in the near future. According to newly released quotes from Steve Jobs, they never did

iOS 8’s Healthbook app detailed extensively in new series of leaks

Mar 17th -

We’ve heard our fair share of iOS 8 rumors in the past weeks, even catching our first glimpse of a leak only days ago. Now we are being treated to what purportedly will be the next major update to Apple’s mobile platform’s biggest new feature: Healthbook.

Will Apple attempt to churn up iPhone 5c sales with a cheaper 8GB model?

Mar 17th -

While Apple hasn’t exactly admitted, the iPhone 5c is more or less considered one of the company’s biggest flops in recent years. Could an even cheaper version of the device salvage its place in Apple’s smartphone lineup?