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designed by m introduces new mPact screen protector

Designed by m is announcing mPact glass— a new, thin, and ultra-durable screen protector for the iPad Air and iPhone 5/5s.

Fake scandal of the week: self-destructing iPhones

Largely, we trust the media. But every once in awhile, something so stupid is published we can't help but to reel. Apple is not...

The problem with free software

Apple surprised us all by making OS X and their iLife and iWork suites of software free last week. But what does such a...

iPad’s missing Touch ID sensor

Apple just announced two new iPads. Contradicting some rumors, these new models do not sport Apple's new Touch I.D. fingerprint scanner. What gives?

Apple’s seemingly awkward but actually stellar year

Apple has had an evolutionary year. A year where they have realigned all of their technologies and marketing and are preparing for the competitive...

The polarizing effect of iOS 7

A lot has been said about iOS 7, but what has been said of it's polarizing effect amongst the mobile computing community?

A big day for iPhone design

Today was a big day in regards to Apple announcements. But what do these announcements means in regard to design and user interface trends?

Walmart to offer smartphone trade in program starting September 2...

Following the lead of others, Walmart is now offering a smartphone trade-in program to their wireless customers.

Woodly iPhone 5 case winners announced!

We have our winners! Contestants entered to win one of three wooden iPhone 5 cases from Woodly. See who won inside!

Videos show off Apple’s new iPhone 5S color options

There have been many leaked videos and images of Apple new "champagne" color offering for the iPhone 5S, but there is a new color...

Giveaway: (3) iPhone 5 covers from Woodly

Here we are with another giveaway! Starting today we’re running a contest for (3) wood covers for iPhone 5 from Woodly. Read further...