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Quick Look: TapTap Revenge: Kings of Leon

Posted on 29 Mar 2010 by diegopetrucci

It’s not easy to review a game like the new TapTapRevenge Kings of Leon edition. You could say “It’s awesome” and would describe it perfectly. But let’s go a bit deeper and try to see why it rocks so much.

Quick Look: SimpleBudget [iPhone App Reviews]

Posted on 06 Mar 2010 by diegopetrucci

For those of you who believe MoneyBook is way too complicated but still want to keep a budget, there’s a nice alternative: SimpleBudget. SimpleBudget is a budgeting app with one simple, yet powerful idea behind it, and makes keeping track of all your expenses easy.

A Homescreen Clean-up Experiment – Part Two [iPhone Tips and Tricks]

Posted on 07 Feb 2010 by diegopetrucci

Last week I talked about an homescreen experiment I was going to do.  I’m pretty happy with the result, but before I start to show it to you I’d like to make a recap of what it actually is, quoting Minimalmac: See here is the deal, I have come to …

A Homescreen Clean-up Experiment [iPhone Tips and Tricks]

Posted on 29 Jan 2010 by diegopetrucci

Some days ago I read about a neat experiment on MinimalMac: See here is the deal, I have come to believe that the only icons that should be on the first screen are the ones you really use. And by use I mean at least once a week and ideally …

QuickLook: LockInfo for iPhone (Cydia – Jailbreak)

Posted on 29 Dec 2009 by diegopetrucci

Some time ago LockInfo went out of beta  and now it’s been released in Cydia as a stable app. I tried it early this year and was amused by the power of the app, so I decided to give this release a try to see how it works now.

What PogoPlank should really look like

Posted on 09 Dec 2009 by diegopetrucci

I’ve always been interested in PogoPlank**, I like the idea of a wheel based menu. The problem is I’m not yet convinced to use it because it lacks of what a complete springboard-replacement should have: the combination of an impressive idea and hard work behind it. — CUT Don’t get …

Quick Thoughts: is Apple becoming more tolerant in approving apps?

Posted on 07 Dec 2009 by diegopetrucci

About a week ago an Italian app named Future Mail was approved, even though it makes use of private APIs. As Steve Jobs said, the use of private APIs is no longer accepted due to some problems users have had (and could have in he future). This is the email from …

The short life of most iPhone games (at least, mine)

Posted on 23 Nov 2009 by diegopetrucci

It’s always the same story: I come across some freaking good iphone game with a new concept, new kind of controls and new gameplay and I am stunned. I ask myself how can I live without it and I download it. Three days later I end up regretting the impulse …

Homescreens cleanup: why you should do it, now

Posted on 08 Nov 2009 by diegopetrucci

Probably, in your iPhone you have more than 50 apps installed. Some of you maybe more than 100. And there’s a good probability that you never use most of them. That sounds crazy to me, I have only four home screens and don’t have panic attacks on a daily basis. …

LOFI: Low fidelity photography with the iPhone

Posted on 02 Nov 2009 by diegopetrucci

LOFI has been released and it brings for the first time the low-fidelity technique of photography in the iPhone. It’s created by Christopher Comair, the same author of Polarize, another impressive app. With this credential, will it be worth the purchase?

GriP: a free Growl-like notification system for the iPhone (Jailbreak only)

Posted on 28 Oct 2009 by diegopetrucci

GriP, a new notification system based on the well-known Prowl, has been released in Cydia, the alternative jailbreak app-store. It hasn ‘t been updated for several months, but now it ‘s back and it looks promising. Is it the new rival of Elert?