iPhone 5

Will my iPhone or iPad support iOS 8?

Apple has notoriously supported their older iPhones and iPad’s for years after they are introduced. Their ability to offer free upgrades for all these devices at the same time year after year has always been one of their more attractive “features.” It has always been in their best interest to keep everyone on their newest software versions

Apple initiates iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake button replacement program

Yesterday afternoon Apple initiated the iPhone 5 sleep/wake button replacement program to assist some iPhone 5 users that may have been affected by intermittent issues with the Sleep/Wake button mechanism not working properly.

10 things to do when you get your new iPhone

You’ve got a new iPhone, you went through the initial setup process. What do you do now? While there is no right or wrong way to get to know your new smartphone, here are 10 essential things to do when you first get your iPhone.

How to setup an iPhone

So you just got a new iPhone and have no idea where to start? Don’t feel intimidated, Apple makes the process super easy. Just in case you need it, here is a complete guide to your iPhone’s initial setup.

These wooden iPhone panels should be a standard option

From the man cave to the station wagon, there is an enduring appeal to wood paneling. Thanks to designer Richard Clarkson, you can now bring the classic aesthetic to your iPhone.

Meet the iPhone case that tracks your personal health

From the heart rate sensors of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 to the dozens of fitness wearables currently coming to market, its obvious that tech companies see this as an area ripe for exploration and innovation. Enter Wello, the iPhone case that puts many of these wellness tracking features right in the palm of your hand.

MOGA Ace Power gaming controller for iPhone sees price drop to $8...

In the face of increasing pricing pressures from competitors, MOGA’s Ace Power gaming controller for iPhone just got a little more affordable. The iPhone peripheral can now be purchased for $79.99, but could it soon be cheaper?

Nomad ChargeKey Review: The charger you will never forget to reme...

How many times have you shown up to work, school, or a friend’s house only to immediately begin asking around to borrow a phone charger? The Nomad Chargekey solves this issue by keeping a charger on your person at all times.

Survey finds iPhone owners the most data hungry

JDSU has released the results of a 2013 study on smartphone and tablet data consumption and it’s official: iOS users are a data hungry group. The iPhone 5s was far and above the leader in smartphone data consumption.

NueVue’s iPhone and iPad cases aim to clean your phone while ke...

Raise your hand if you are constantly wiping down your phone against your shirt or pants leg. NueVue ingeniously solves the issue of the dirty smartphone with a new line of self-cleaning cases.

designed by m introduces new mPact screen protector

Designed by m is announcing mPact glass— a new, thin, and ultra-durable screen protector for the iPad Air and iPhone 5/5s.