iSource Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Have you been wondering about what to get your Apple gadget-happy friends, siblings, or pets? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We here at iSource have used our hard-earned gadget knowledge – obtained over the past year of climbing Apple-acian mountains – to help you find the right loot this season.


There are times when you throw a few too many birds at a few too many pigs, or days when you spend hours taking videos and pictures for a party and then run right out of battery for that important call to Mom. It’s for these occasions that we’ve assembled some of the power-related accessories for your various iOS devices.

  1. PowerMAT Wireless Charging System ($50) – Hate fussing with cables for charging? Use a PowerMAT case and simply lay your device down on the PowerMAT to enjoy sweet, wireless inductive charging!

  1. PlugBug piggyback charger for iPhone and iPad ($35) – A great idea that makes you wonder why nobody did this before. A compact, sharp looking, wall charger that piggybacks on any Macbook power adapter and allows you to charge both the MacBook and an iPhone or iPad at the same time. A very handy companion for anyone who travels with a MacBook and an iPad or iPhone.

  2. IDAPT Universal Charging System ($60) – An adjustable charging station that allows for up to (4) devices to charge at once. Compatible with multiple handset makers, so you can customize it easily to your personal power needs.

  1. mophie Juice Pack Plus ($100) – If you are a power user, then this is the accessory for you, as it more than doubles the battery life of the iPhone and iPhone 4S. The shock of color along the back doesn’t hurt either!

Stuff for Protecting your Stuff

Gadgets are investments and investments shouldn’t be naked – and if they are, then they should at least put some skin on.

  1. Switcheasy Trig for iPad 2 case ($40) – A dual purpose sleeve and viewing stand. It has a plush microfiber inner coat and also doubles as a handy stand when needed.
  2. iPad 2 Smart Cover ($40 polyurethane, $70 leather) – Feels more like a natural part of the iPad 2 rather than just the superb accessory and front cover case that it is. The perfect ease with which it clings to just the right spot on the iPad 2 and automatically sleeps and wakes the device make it a joy to use. Comes in a nice range of colors in both polyurethane and leather models.
  3. Clear-Coat (starts at $15) Protector Skin – A wet apply skin that’s easy to apply, and quick to dry.
  4. mophie Workbook Case ($50) – The mophie workbook is an excellent option if you’re after a full-protection case for the iPad 2. It’s handsome looking, works well as a stand in viewing and typing positions, lets you use the iPad 2 comfortably while in the case, and supports the iPad 2 automatic sleep/wake feature.
  5. Gelaskins (starting at $15) – Form fitting, easy-application Gelaskins make great, stylish gifts for most anyone who owns something that has electricity flowing through it (except maybe power drills). Gelaskins apply like big, gorgeous stickers, and leave no permanent residue when taken off.

  1. BookBook Case for iPhone 4/4S ($60) – Extremely handsome wallet + case combo that looks like a well-aged book cover. Gives you enough space for essential cards and IDs, plus your trusty iPhone.
  2. Best Skins Ever ($9 for full-body) – Durable screen or full-body protection for all iOS devices, in the vein of ZAGG’s Invisible Shield…only a LOT cheaper.
  3. BodyGuardz ($25 for full-body) – For their rapid, easy application and superior staying power, BodyGuardz are hard to beat – plus one price gets two sets of this clear, super-durable skin!
  4. GRACE Digital Audio ECOPOD Case ($50) – a great water-proof, shock-proof case to take on boat or to the beach. It even has water proof earbuds and earphone jack access!
  5. AB Infectious iPad skins ($20) – Choosing a skin for your iDevice is a bit like getting a tattoo. It’s a great way of putting your personal stamp on you iPad, iPhone or iPod, and to show it off when using it in public. You’ll love Infectious iPad skin designs because they are creative, eye catching and fun – and they give an artistic note to the back of your iPad, to boot!
  6. moshi ClearGuard ($25) – Love your MacBook keyboard but hate dirt, grime, and oil getting all over (and under) the keys? Throw a ClearGuard over the whole thing and never worry about it again! One size fits all MacBooks, but for the 11″ Air.
  7. Waterfield Travel Express (starts at $69) – Waterfield products are rugged, handsome, and made in San Francisco. The Travel Express is no exception and houses an iPad 2 beautifully with an accompanying Smart Cover, with enough room to spare for a keyboard, iPhone, and extra set of chargers and earphones.
  8. ZAGGfolio ($100) – An excellent iPad 2 keyboard case. Smart looking and boasts a superb keyboard that stands up well against any wireless keyboard. Not ultra-light by any means but less heavy and bulky than you might expect.

  1. adonit Writer 2 ($90) – The Writer 2 isn’t a replacement for a case, but it makes for a great mobile writing environment. Insert the iPad 2, slide the keyboard forward until the magnets click into place, and get to writing like it’s nobody else’s business. Then when you’re done, snap the whole package together (the keyboard and iPad automatically go back to sleep) and get on with your day!

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Q: Sometimes you don’t want to be right beside your tablet or laptop because you’re doing something silly like watching a movie or reading a book, but then you run into a problem: if you’re not right beside your tablet, what’s going to hold it up?!

A: Any one of the stands we mention below!

  1. Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand ($55) – Good looking and compact iPad stand for the desktop or even on-the-go use. Can be used with the iPad 2 and the original iPad, and even works with many cases and covers. Has an adjustable fold-down arm that makes it super easy to adjust the viewing angles quickly.
  2. Compass Mobile Stand for iPad/iPad 2 ($40) – This is the ultimate travel stand for the iPad and iPad 2 – easily light and compact enough to carry in a trouser pocket. It’s got an incredibly clever design that lets it fold down to pocket size and fold out to ideal positions for both viewing and typing on the iPad.
  3. AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand ($80) – A fantastic stand for those who spend hours working with a MacBook at a desk. Two-second setup and an ultra-lightweight design will allow you to bring comfort with you wherever you go!

Stocking Stuffers

Whether it be in your pants or in your bag, it’s always sad to have an empty pocket. Why not fill those useless voids with something useful for your gadgets, like one of these tiny treasures:

  1. Mobile Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (starts at $2.99 for a one pack) – If you think all microfiber cleaning cloths are born equal, you need to try these out. Easily the best and fastest cleaning solution for iPad and iPhone screens. Extremely useful to have around to combat the smudge and fingerprint magnet effect on your iDevices.
  2. Thirsty Bag ($6.95) – Probably the best name for an iDevice ever. Also a very handy ‘just in case’ accessory to have around. Its a liquid absorption bag designed specifically to rescue your iDevice when you spill a full pint of beer or water on it.

  1. Wacom Bamboo Stylus ($30) – A stylus from one of the premiere drawing tablet manufacturers in the world. A thinner tip and comfortable grip keep you comfortable as you write or draw on your iPad.
  2. BLUETREK Metal Evolution Bluetooth Headset ($60) – An elegant, aluminum form-fitting blue-tooth headset that isn’t made of plastic for once.
  3. Jawbone Icon HD ($80) – Durable and reliable Bluetooth headset. Even with the road noise in the car, this headset works very well with Siri.

  1. Ultimate Ears UE700 They are slim, light, noise cancelling and deliver a divine bass dimension. The $159.99 investment is well worth it!

That’s all for now – Happy Holidays, everyone!