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Apple’s new Arizona factory will focus on iPhone/iPod component...

An Apple manufacturing plant slated to open in Mesa, Arizona could be home to iPhone and iPod component production, among other things, according to a new job listing for a Manufacturing Design Engineer.

Review: UberBuds Bluetooth earbuds

As a runner, I workout fairly regularly and always look for ways to complement my outdoor mileage with accessories for my iPhone. How did Musemini’s Uberbuds perform? Read to find out.

Black Friday sales announced! [UPDATED]

Today’s traditional Black Friday sales at brick-and-mortar stores are blitzing the airwaves to draw your attention. What about those deals that you can find from the comfort of your home? Take a peek at some of the deals of which we’re aware.

Apple to pay over $3 million in iPod click wheel patent suit

Japanese inventor scores a rare legal victory over Apple in the case of copied click wheel designs. A Tokyo court has awarded over $3 million in damages.

Headphone maker RHA to release two new products this month

The announcement from RHA of new, higher-priced in-the-ear headphones is exciting – especially when you look at the specs!

Review: RHA’s MA150 earbuds

RHA produces a new, inexpensive set of in-ear headphones. Should you consider these if you’re on a budget? Read on to see what this affordable model offers as well as how it compares to its pricier cousin.

Review: Scosche RH1060 wireless headphones

Sounds abound here at iSource! The Scosche RH1060 has a sleek look, exceptional marketing, and offer hope of solid sound sans the wires! The biggest questions is what do they deliver for the price?

Review: SA950i Headphones by RHA

When RHA contacted me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing their SA950i headphones, I eagerly accepted since their MA450i earbuds (reviewed here) remain my favorite and default choice to use when I use earbuds. Appearances When the SA950i box arrived, I was excited. The classy packaging is loaded …

Review: Supertooth Disco Twin – a powerful pair of portable...

We here at iSource sure love our accessories. And there’s plenty out there to love! Take Supertooth, for example. We’ve been reviewing their products for years and they rarely disappoint. Their corner of the accessory market is dedicated to “super” Bluetooth products – both for speakers and car speakerphones – …

Review: Griffin’s iTrip Auto at least shows potential

Griffin Technology is a well known brand for their tech innovations and products to compliment i-related devices. One of their more recent products, iTrip Auto, is a prime example. iTrip Auto partners the concept of an FM transmitter with a charger for a car’s 12V plug so you can simultaneously …

Fitness App Recommendations for 2013

With the calendar flipping to 2013, there’s also been the annual noticeable shift to focus on self-improvement, weight loss, and all-things exercise related. So of all the apps out there, which are worth their weight (pun intended) in gold? Keep reading to find out the picks I have been using …