From the forums, this week at iSource

Posted on 13 Dec 2013 by Renkman

We discussed all sorts of different topics in the forums this week. If you haven’t stopped by yet, here’s what you missed–Favorite iPad apps. Will updating your iPhone to the latest firmware lose your jailbreak? Can you run Microsoft Office on your Mac? Is the Retina iPad mini worth the upgrade? Come join the discussion!

Is the 7.0.4 update safe for jailbreakers?

Posted on 14 Nov 2013 by Renkman

This afternoon Apple released an iOS 7.0.4 update to address a nasty FaceTime bug. If you are already jailbroken or plan to jailbreak iOS 7.x is it safe to update your device?

From the forums, this week at iSource

Posted on 04 Nov 2013 by Renkman

Want to know our first impressions of the iPad Air? Are the new iOS security enhancements got you scratching your head? Have you ever considered the problem with giving aware free software, or do you just want to know what the evad3rs team is working on next? These are just a sample of what we were talking about in the forums this week.

The evad3rs have a new project, and you’re not going to believe what it is

Posted on 30 Oct 2013 by Renkman

It’s been known for a while now that the famed evad3rs jailbreak dream team has been working on cracking iOS 7 wide open, @planetbeing said as much last month shortly after iOS 7 was released to the public. But their latest project has me scratching my head.

Apple’s latest firmware update won’t affect an iOS 7.x jailbreak

Posted on 29 Oct 2013 by Renkman

Last week Apple released firmware update 7.0.3 to address the poorly calibrated iPhone 5S motion sensor. As with every iOS update, jailbreakers were initially cautioned against rushing to download the firmware update.

Is iOS 7 already jailbroken?

Posted on 02 Jul 2013 by Renkman

Can iOS 7 beta already be jailbroken with current exploits? Only time will tell as the summer rumors heat up approaching the release of Apple’s next OS along side the next iPhone.

Quick Look: Accelerate Jailbreak Tweak

Posted on 31 May 2013 by Thomas Wong

Have you heard about a jailbreak tweak to improve the perceived speed on your iPhone or iPad? I have, I’ve tried it, and I’m telling you its name: it’s called Accelerate.

Quick Look: Velox iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

Posted on 24 May 2013 by Thomas Wong

Velox is an iPhone-only jailbreak tweak that turns home screen icons into little notification folders or widgets. It’s modular, stable, and it’s a great buy for $2.

Facebook ‘Chat Heads’ coming to entire iOS via jailbreak, possible future iMes...

Posted on 18 Apr 2013 by Brandon K

As much as I love my iPhone, I have to admit that the openness and creativity of the Android world has always intrigued me.  Never enough to make the switch, but definitely enough that it’s always in the back of my mind if need be. Facebook’s popular new feature, Chat …

How did the evad3rs Jailbreak iOS 6.x?

Posted on 11 Apr 2013 by Renkman

Ever wonder how an iPhone jailbreak is actually achieved.  Better yet, even wonder how the “dream team” evad3rs was finally able to exploit iOS 6.x and give us the first ever jailbreak for the iPhone 5? Look no further than the 2013 HITB Security Conference held in Amsterdam last week. …

Jailbreak Corner: featured tweak of the week

Posted on 07 Apr 2013 by Renkman

The evasi0n jailbreak of iOS 6.x has been out for about two months now.  At the outset there was an overwhelming interest and buzz from the jailbreak community.  For the veterans, setting up your jailbroken iOS device is pretty straightforward.  Although iPhone 5 users never had the privilege, if you …