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MacBook Air refresh could include new 12-inch model

While a 12-inch iPad is looking less and less likely for 2014, Apple might be targeting the size for another product family. According to rumors, this year’s MacBook Air product refreshes could include a 12-inch Retina model.

Is it the end of the line for the 13-inch MacBook Pro?

With a price that only differs by $100 between a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display and one without, Apple could soon phase out the lower resolution model. The move seems a logical choice for Apple.

Apple releases OS X 10.9.2 update with fix for SSL security bug

While a fix a nasty SSL bug arrived for mobile devices almost immediately in the form of iOS 7.0.6, Mac users have had to nervously bide their time in waiting for an update to OS X Mavericks to address the issue. Today that update has arrived.

Apple patches SSL bug in iOS, but OS X apps still affected

At the tail end of last week Apple slipped an update to iOS users that patched a major security bug that had been unknowingly affecting users for who knows how long. The same bug persists for OS X, acutely affecting a selection of Apple apps.

Record iTunes Radio streams with doubleTwist’s latest app

Remember the days of camping out in front of your tape deck waiting to hit record the moment your favorite song comes on the radio? Things are a lot different in 2014, but perhaps doubleTwist can help you recapture a small bit of that nostalgia with their new AirPlay Recorder app for Mac.

Mac Pro shipping estimates slide to April for international custo...

The new Mac Pro is seeing its shipping timeframe again slip as demand continues to exceed readily available stock of the powerful computing tower that went on sale in December. Buyers in Europe and the UK, Australia, and China can now expect to wait until April to see the machine ship.

Apple created a font out of 30 years of Mac computers, download i...

Most fonts are used to represent text, while others like Wingdings supply a number of glyphs, shapes, and other graphics. Apple took a turn at creating their own typeface devoid of linguistic restrictions in celebration of the Mac’s 30th anniversary.

Steve Jobs and the Mac-compatible Sony VAIO that never was

Imagine, for a moment, a world where Apple was not the sole manufacturer of Mac-compatible products. Such a thing could have never been in the plans of Steve Jobs during his reign at the company, right? Turns out, that exact thing almost happened.

Apple’s iPhone pays tribute to the Mac on its 30th anniversary

Apple is continuing its celebration of 30 years of Mac with a new video emphasizing how far we have really come since those early days. The clip, entitled “1.24.14,” was filmed entirely with the iPhone over the course of a single day.

Mac Pro now shipping in March for US buyers, too

Earlier this week we caught wind that the ship date for recent Mac Pro purchases in many regions had slipped to March. The delay has now caught up with North America.

Will the Mac Mini finally see a refresh in 2014?

The Mac mini has sat neglected since a 2012 update that coincided with the launch of the original iPad mini. Is 2014 the year that Apple dusts off the pint-sized PC and refreshes the desktop unit with new hardware and specs?