Mobile Roar Podcast 38: The Great M8 Debate

Posted on 28 Mar 2014 by Kevin Krause

HTC announced a new phone this week, but is it the same One as last year? How does it stack up to the other Androids? What about the iPhone? We discuss that and more on this week’s Mobile Roar Podcast.

Mobile Roar Podcast 37: What to (Android) Wear

Posted on 21 Mar 2014 by Kevin Krause

Why do all smartwatches insist on looking like they are from the future? We tackle the question as we discuss Google’s Android Wear announcement and what it means for the iWatch and other wearables.

Mobile Roar Podcast 24: The iPad Air on Black Friday, the 13″ 4K iPad rumors, China ...

Posted on 06 Dec 2013 by Renkman

On our 24th episode of the Mobile Roar Podcast the iPad Air is big hit on Black Friday, rumors persist about a 13″ 4K iPad, and Apple welcomes China Mobile and their 700 million customers to the family.

Mobile Roar Podcast #21: Retina iPad mini launch, the Moto G and Sea turtles

Posted on 15 Nov 2013 by Renkman

This week we discuss the iPad mini with retina display launch, KitKat on the Nexus 7, 10 and the Moto X, Sea turtles website tracking iPad Mini’s, and Vine finally launches for Windows Phone. Come join the fun!

Mobile Roar Podcast #20: iPad Air review, the 13″ iPad, Nexus 5 impressions and more...

Posted on 09 Nov 2013 by Renkman

This week on the Mobile Roar Podcast we celebrate our 20th episode by discussing our recent iPad Air review, the 13″ iPad rumor, first impressions of the Nexus 5 and much more.

Mobile Roar Podcast 19: The new iPad Air is here, the Nexus 5 and Halloween!

Posted on 03 Nov 2013 by Renkman

This week on the podcast we talk about the new iPad Air, which Kevin is getting and reviewing next week, unresponsive MacBook Air keyboards, the Nexus 5, Android 4.4 KitKat, and much more.

Mobile Roar Podcast 18: Apple Announces new iPads, Nokia shows off new Lumias and the Nexu...

Posted on 27 Oct 2013 by Renkman

As if new iPads, MacBook Pros, MacPros, Mavericks and iWork updates weren’t enough, this week in mobile also showcased new Lumias, the return of BBM, insane tablet plans from T-Mobile and the 136th leak of Nexus 5 pics. Check out what else went down this week on the Mobile Roar Podcast.

Mobile Roar Podcast #16: New iPads are coming, the blue screen of death & who wants a...

Posted on 13 Oct 2013 by Renkman

Technical difficulties could be the name of this week’s episode.  However, we worked it out despite Windows 8, and Joe’s “blue screen of death” claiming another victim. Some of the highlights from this week’s podcast include the impending iPad announcement, the bizarre Samsung Galaxy Round, dual-booting HTC devices, iPhones, and …

Mobile Roar Podcast #14: Touch ID demoed, Chris buys an iPhone, and Microsoft introduces C...

Posted on 29 Sep 2013 by Renkman

In this week’s Mobile Roar podcast, Kevin demos the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner and gives his thoughts on the iPhone 5s, Blackberry sells for a mere fraction of what it was once worth, Microsoft’s has a cool new “Cortana” virtual assistant that could be making its way to Windows Phone.

Mobile Roar Podcast #13: iOS 7, Nexus 5, and Tim Cook talks junk phones

Posted on 22 Sep 2013 by Renkman

It was a good week in mobile! This time we are covering a very good list of topics. Apple’s iOS 7, Tim Cook’s Android bashing, Sprint One Up, Nexus 5 and Jony Ive’s dream job are all included in the list of topics. We had a lot of fun, so join us!

Mobile Roar Podcast #11: Apple iPhone event, Microsoft buys Nokia, Nexus 5 leaks, and much...

Posted on 07 Sep 2013 by Renkman

Some of the exciting things we talked about on the Mobile Roar Podcast this week–Apple finally sends out invites for their September 10th event, Microsoft buys Nokia, Nexus 5 leaked and will someone please just buy Blackberry so we can all move on