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Joust Legend from Rebellion Games on sale this week

Dec 6th - Rebellion Games has just discounted the visually stunning action game Joust Legend today to coincide with a major update to premium customization options in the game.

Facebook Update: Epic Fail [UPDATED]

Nov 9th - The latest Facebook app update seems to be a disaster for many iPhone users. Read on to see what some are experiencing.

New iOS security enhancements limit Find My iPhone’s flexibility

Oct 30th - Apple's new security enhancements in iOS 7 are a credible theft deterrent, but also make iCloud and Find My iPhone harder to manage for groups of devices.

Tim Cook announces more massive App Store numbers

Oct 22nd - Another Apple event, more crazy App Store numbers.

Download the 50 billionth app & you’ll win a US $10,000 gift card

May 5th - The App store is about to pass another milestone, and this one is a biggie–50 billion downloads worldwide.  To celebrate this monumental accomplishment, they are rewarding the individual who downloads the 50 billionth app with a $10,000 gift card.  Didn’t quite make it in time?  Your consolation prize could be still be worth a $500 […]

Giving gifts from Apple: beyond MacBooks, iPod Nanos and iPad minis

Dec 5th - Although I reside firmly in the camp of those who believe in gift giving throughout the year, right about now I acknowledge that many many people are looking for gifts, for many price points and for many different types of people. Some think that Apple’s hardware and software offerings would be perfect gifts, but only […]

Apple Pulls Spam App From App Store

Jul 5th - Kaspersky Lab, a Russian security company reported that an app on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android called Find and Call, was harvesting address book contacts and sending them to the developer’s servers. The developers would then send back texts to the gathered contacts advertising the application, with a form […]

The App Store Reaches 25 Billion Downloads

Mar 2nd - Just a brief note. Apple’s iOS App Store has reached a new landmark- 25 billion downloads from the store. It’s worth remembering that the App Store isn’t even four years old yet (launched in July of 2008), and has achieved unprecedented success at an amazing rate. Not even the “open” Android Marketplace can compete with […]

Report Claims Microsoft Office Coming to iPad Soon [UPDATED]

Feb 21st - The Daily is claiming that they have spent some quality time with a version of Office designed for iPad. It’s worth noting that The Daily had previously reported that Microsoft was indeed working on a version the Microsoft Office productivity suite for the iPad. The Daily even has a photo of the software running, in […]


Feb 17th - I know we’re all pretty used to crazy numbers from Apple. iPhone revenues that exceed all of Microsoft’s revenues last quarter, Apple worth more than Microsoft and Google combined, more iOS devices sold last year than Macs sold in 28 years, over 550,000 apps in the App Store, and on and on. But still … […]

‘Grand Theft Auto III’ Now Available on iOS App Store

Dec 15th - As we had previously noted would be happening today, Grand Theft Auto III has made it’s way on to the App Store. This game, which was original released in 2001, and revolutionized gaming, is now a universal application, meaning, it will work on both the iPhone and iPad. In fact, despite being promoted as one […]